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ATV Engine Camshafts

ATV Engine Camshafts

If increasing the performance of your ATV is your goal then the engine is a natural place to make modifications. ATV engine camshafts are a relatively economical part to install in order to achieve additional power and torque gains. Your ride may have a single cam or it may have separate ones for intake and exhaust. When you shop ATV engine camshafts it’s important to know what setup you are working with. When shopping with Chaparral Motorsports you can use our OEM parts finder at to help identify the camshaft setup in your vehicle. We also carry a variety of manuals which will give you detailed breakdowns and instructions on how to service, repair, and upgrade your ATV.

A camshaft has irregular shaped lobes on it which open and closes the valves in the engine. This is what allows the air-fuel mixture to enter the engine and the exhaust gases to exit. Changing the design of the lobes on ATV engine camshafts can modify the duration that the valves are open as well as the timing of when they open. Changing the characteristics the camshafts in your ATV engine can lead to increased performance. Different cam designs will have varying effects throughout the power band of the engine. If changing out your camshaft isn’t what you’re after or your engine needs a complete overhaul Chaparral offers ATV engine kits and ATV engine big bore kits as well.

Chaparral Motorsports is a leading provider of ATV aftermarket parts and ATV engine components. Browse our inventory of parts at where you will find offerings from brands such as Hot Cams and Wiseco. We also have a huge selection of ATV aftermarket parts, accessories and gear available to order. Whether you’re looking for new ATV tires, ATV riding boots, protection, or performance parts we can outfit you no matter what brand or type of ATV you own.

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