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Sidi Crossfire 2 SR Boots

Sidi Crossfire 2 SR Boots

$399.97 - $549.99
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Sidi Crossfire 2 SR motocross boots offer protection and comfort, all in a boot leg that is entirely assembled with screws, stitch free and totally replaceable with the added bonus of Sidi's Sole Replacement System.

  • Laminated 3mm thick Technomicro is used as the base material in all areas
  • Nylon insole with no dangerous steel shank
  • Lined with anti-abrasion Cambrelle in the foot area for comfort
  • Upper is lined with Teflon mesh which prevents complete absorption of water and sweat
  • SR sole disperses loads better than any other sole system on the market
  • SR sole is molded of anti-skid rubber and can be replaced using a standard screwdriver
  • SRS (Sole Replaceable System) sole is compatible with Sidi's E1 sole (Enduro sole) and with Sidi's SMS sole (for Supermoto)
  • Calf plate features an inner double adjustment, which allows widening the circumference of the boot to accommodate even the widest calves
  • Exclusive Dual Flex System upper offers the industry's best fit, especially with knee braces
  • Dual Flex system, with its two circlips that attach the foot of the boot to the bootleg, improves leg flexibility and allows for a more natural and correct position on the foot pegs
  • The second joint is on the bootleg itself, above the ankle joint for more flexibility
  • Designed to limit foot/ankle hyperextension
  • Thermoplastic front shin plate is anatomically shaped and replaceable, an exclusive patented Sidi feature
  • Boot leg has a replaceable inner polyurethane plate with a heat resistant rubber insert to protect the leg from exhaust heat, wear and tear
  • The front part of the foot is entirely covered by plastic protection panels, while the tip of the sole is protected by a steel toe piece
  • Anatomically shaped PU (Polyurethane) heel more securely supports the heel to reduce twisting
  • Rigid, shock resistant heel hold the rider's foot firm and thus resists twisting while offering maximum protection
  • Malleolus external molded plastic guard with ergonomic closed cell foam padding internally to enhance protection of those tender small foot bones
  • Replaceable rigid nylon inner kickstart/footpeg guard on the inside area of both boots
  • Replaceable, even sleeker, micro adjustable cam lock buckle system with memory retention straps
  • Lower buckle protected against opening because of an impact by a molded guard
  • Complete central strap system can be easily replaced
  • Four micro adjustable buckles with indented memory regulation straps
  • Adjust the straps once and they will be at the same position for every ride after that
  • All four buckles work independently from each other, allowing the boot to fit all shapes of feet and lower legs
  • Straps, buckles and retaining clips are easily replaceable
  • Top of the boot's gaiter features a high grip antiheat panel on the inside area
  • Elastic belt with Velcro closure seals the top of the boot against the elements
  • Removable arch support
  • Tongue features a protective internal gusset
  • Toe area covered in protective plastic
  • All bolt on parts are replaceable
  • Slim, cool nonbootie design
  • Boot leg is entirely assembled with screws, is stitch free and totally replaceable
  • Meets or exceeds C.E. certifications

Good motorcycle boots or motocross boots can help keep riders safe in a high-impact sport. These boots provide customizable protection against injuries, help keep legs properly aligned, all while keeping legs cushioned and ventilated.

Sidi Crossfire 2 SR Boots
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Grey 8.5 U.S./42 Euro 043-SID-C2S-GYGY-42SID-C2S-GYGY-42Unavailable.-
Grey 7.5 U.S./41 Euro 043-SID-C2S-GYGY-41SID C2S-GYGY-41Unavailable.-
Grey 7 U.S./40 Euro 043-SID-C2S-GYGY-40SID-C2S-GYGY-40Unavailable.-
Black/White 13 U.S./48 Euro 043-SID-C2S-BKWH-48SID-C2S-BKWH-48Unavailable.-
Black/White 12.5 U.S./47 Euro 043-SID-C2S-BKWH-47SID-C2S-BKWH-47Unavailable.-
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Black/White 11 U.S./45 Euro 043-SID-C2S-BKWH-45SID-C2S-BKWH-45Unavailable.-
Black/White 10 U.S./44 Euro 043-SID-C2S-BKWH-44SID-C2S-BKWH-44Unavailable.-
Black/White 9.5 U.S./43 Euro 043-SID-C2S-BKWH-43SID-C2S-BKWH-43Unavailable.-
Black/White 8.5 U.S./42 Euro 043-SID-C2S-BKWH-42SID-C2S-BKWH-42Unavailable.-
Black/White/Flo Yellow 7.5 U.S./41 Euro 043-C2S-WYGY-41Unavailable.-
Black/Flo Yellow 12.5 U.S./47 Euro 043-2130-XY-47SID-C2S-BKFY-47Unavailable.-
Black/Flo Yellow 11.5 U.S./46 Euro 043-2130-XY-46SID-C2S-BKFY-46Unavailable.-
Black/Flo Yellow 11 U.S./45 Euro 043-2130-XY-45SID-C2S-BKFY-45Unavailable.-
Black/Flo Yellow 9.5 U.S./43 Euro 043-2130-XY-43SID-C2S-BKFY-43Unavailable.-
Black/Flo Orange 12.5 U.S./47 Euro 043-2130-XO-47SID-C2S-BKFO-47Unavailable.-
Black/Flo Orange 11 U.S./45 Euro 043-2130-XO-45SID-C2S-BKFO-45Unavailable.-
Black 13 U.S./48 Euro 043-2130-X-48SID-C2S-BKBK-48Unavailable.-
Black 12.5 U.S./47 Euro 043-2130-X-47SID-C2S-BKBK-47Unavailable.-
Black 11.5 U.S./46 Euro 043-2130-X-46SID-C2S-BKBK-46Unavailable.-
Black 11 U.S./45 Euro 043-2130-X-45SID-C2S-BKBK-45Unavailable.-
Black 10 U.S./44 Euro 043-2130-X-44SID-C2S-BKBK-44Unavailable.-
Black 9.5 U.S./43 Euro 043-2130-X-43SID-C2S-BKBK-43Unavailable.-
Black 8.5 U.S./42 Euro 043-2130-X-42SID-C2S-BKBK-42Unavailable.-
Black 7.5 U.S./41 Euro 043-2130-X-41SID-C2S-BKBK-41Unavailable.-
Black 7 U.S./40 Euro 043-2130-X-40SID-C2S-BKBK-40Unavailable.-
Black/White/Flo Yellow 13 U.S./48 Euro 043-2130-WXY-48SID-C2S-WYGY-48Unavailable.-
Black/White/Flo Yellow 12.5 U.S./47 Euro 043-2130-WXY-47SID-C2S-WYGY-47Unavailable.-
Black/White/Flo Yellow 11.5 U.S./46 Euro 043-2130-WXY-46SID-C2S-WYGY-46Unavailable.-
Black/White/Flo Yellow 11 U.S./45 Euro 043-2130-WXY-45SID-C2S-WYGY-45Unavailable.-
Black/White/Flo Yellow 10 U.S./44 Euro 043-2130-WXY-44SID-C2S-WYGY-44Unavailable.-
Black/White/Flo Yellow 9.5 U.S./43 Euro 043-2130-WXY-43SID-C2S-WYGY-43Unavailable.-
Black/White/Flo Yellow 8.5 U.S./42 Euro 043-2130-WXY-42SID-C2S-WYGY-42Unavailable.-
White/Orange 8.5 U.S./42 Euro 043-2130-WO-42SID-C2S-WHOR-42Unavailable.-
White 11.5 U.S./46 Euro 043-2130-W-46SID-C2S-WHWH-46Unavailable.-
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