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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Shoei JO Waimea Open Face Helmet

DOT Certified
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Shoei JO Waimea Open Face Helmet

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Retro, meets modern. Featuring a classic open face shell design inspired by a rich heritage of vintage Shoei models, the JO is finished with a splash of modern styling, a compact overall profile, and the innovative CJ-3 shield for increased performance and maximum versatility.


  • Multi-Ply Matrix AIM shell combines hand laid interwoven layers of fiberglass, lightweight organic and high performance fibers to provide optimal impact absorption, strength, and elasticity
  • Multi-density EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) liner utilizes varying densities of foam to provide enhanced impact absorption and allows cooling air to travel unrestricted through tunnels created in the EPS
  • Consistent EPS liner thickness throughout the entire helmet (no safety compromised due to the CJ-3 shield)
  • 3D injection molding process ensures a distortion free view throughout the entire field of vision
  • Precise placement of high quality, multi-density EPS material yields a more compact, lightweight design
  • Integrated (retractable) shield offers instant relief from incoming wind
  • Protects against 99% of the sun's damaging UV rays
  • Vintage inspired round shape provides space for most sunglasses and is designed to accommodate them while in the down/closed position
  • Wind tunnel optimized design restrains unwanted road noise and wind turbulence
  • Maximized surface area reduces "rolling in" effect of wind turbulence at high speed
  • Equipped with a 3-position adjustment mechanism for optimal fit. The levers can be quickly and easily adjusted to one of three preset positions to adjust the height of the shield in conjunction with the rider's face and nose
  • Spoiler tabs aid in opening/closing of shield and manage airflow around the helmet
  • Quickly and easily remove and/or replace the shield (no tools required)
  • Classic, high quality and lightweight D-ring chinstrap
  • Fully removable, washable, replaceable and adjustable interior system
  • Multi-layer 3D contoured cheek pads provide comfort and the firm hold necessary for distraction free, high speed riding
  • Matte synthetic Nubuck leather lines the forehead area to prevent unwanted reflections into the shield for enhanced visibility
  • Glossy synthetic leather lines the bottom edge of interior for easy cleaning and added styling
  • DOT Certified
  • Black/Brown

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General Sizing information

If you are unsure about your size, compare your body measurements to the charts provided to determine the correct fit. These charts will give you a good idea of the size to order, but be sure to read special sizing information that may accompany an item description. Some merchandise dimensions may vary from the averages charted here.

Head Measurement

Measure your head size by wrapping a cloth tape measure horizontally around your head at a height of roughly one inch (2.5cm) above your eyebrows. This will give you a measurement of the largest portion of your head. Select the helmet that is closest to your head size. Oftentimes your head measurement may fall between two helmet sizes, if this occurs, try the smaller of the two sizes first.

Check for Proper Fit

With the helmet on, go through the following checklist:
  • Does the inner lining fit snugly around your entire head?
  • Does the top pad press closely around the dome of your head?
  • Are your cheek pads in contact with cheeks?
  • Does the brow lining fit snugly against brow (you should not be able to insert fingers between the lining and your brow)?
  • Take hold of the helmet with a hand on each side. Without moving your head, try to move the helmet up and down, side to side. You should feel the skin of your head and face being pulled as you try to move the helmet. If you can move the helmet around easily, it is too big and you should try a smaller size.


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DOT Certified

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Details:Black/Brown  M Item #375-0131-1210-05 Availability:In stock: Ready to shipStore Pickup:Unavailable
Details:Black/Brown  L Item #375-0131-1210-06 Availability:In stock: Ready to shipStore Pickup:Unavailable
Details:Black/Brown  XL Item #375-0131-1210-07 Availability:In stock: Ready to shipStore Pickup:Unavailable
Details:Black/Brown  XXL Item #375-0131-1210-08 Availability:In stock: Ready to shipStore Pickup:Unavailable


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