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Shinko E-804 Crossfly Dual Sport Front Tire

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Shinko E-804 Crossfly Dual Sport Front Tire
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Shinko E-804 Crossfly Dual Sport Front Tire

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Utilizing the latest in big block tire technology, these bias-ply adventure tires are ideal for situations where a rider spends 40% on-road and 60% off road.


  • Adventure touring tires with four ply carcass construction
  • Big block tire tread technology
  • Superior on-road handling and mileage
  • Stable sidewalls for soft surfaces
  • Ideal for 40% on-road/60% off road
  • These dual sport motorcycle tires are tubeless or tube type, depending on size
  • Tire size 90/90-21 is tubeless and T rated for speeds up to 118 mph
  • Tire size 100/90-19 is tube type and S rated for speeds up to 112 mph
  • Tire size 110/80-19 is tubeless and Q rated for speeds up to 100 mph
  • Tire size 120/70-21 is tubeless and H rated for speeds up to 130 mph
  • DOT approved

Available in the following motorcycle tire sizes: 90/90-21, 100/90-19, 110/80-19, and 120/70R-21


Tire Position
Model Name for Gear
Tire Usage
Dual Sport

Item Numbers

Details Item Number Availability Store Pickup
Details:  120/70R-19 Item #369-87-4708 Availability:In stock: Ready to shipStore Pickup:Available
Details:  110/80-19 Item #369-874700 Availability:In stock: Ready to shipStore Pickup:Available
Details:  90/90-21 Item #369-874702 Availability:In stock: Ready to shipStore Pickup:Unavailable
Details:  100/90-19 Item #369-874703 Availability:In stock: Ready to shipStore Pickup:Available


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Average Rating:
3 reviews
3 Reviews
A great tire for the money!
This has been a very good tire, especially for the money. It is mounted on my 07 990 Adventure and I use it for it's intended purpose of dual sport. It is comparable to many more expensive tires. The one thing I have found is because the lug pattern lines up on the rear tire it gives you a smoother ride. However, in wet mud it makes it so you slide around a bit more. The front seemed to vibrate a little especially at slower speeds but it is a knobby tire, they all do that. I also wish that the lugs were a touch deeper from the start as that would allow for more mileage. A great tire for the money!
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Shinko Performed Flawlessly
I purchased this tire set as a replacement when the Michelin wore out on my Yamaha Super Tenere. I was amazed how well they performed on the dry or wet pavement. Being a big block knobby, I was at first hesitant to really push it in the twisty stuff. But they held on and never slipped. As an avid off road rider, my Super Tenere is a big bike and requires additional traction in the rough stuff. The Shinko performed flawlessly and I was able to ride in areas that I hadn't dared before. I could now cross streams, through mud holes and rocky terrain. Hill climbs were a blast as there is always grip and no fishtailing unless I deliberately tried to. I would definitely recommend these tires to anyone who rides Dual Sport or Adventure Tours. My last off road ride this fall was on a snowmobile trial through southeast Minnesota bluff country with a few friends on bikes less than half the size of the Tenere and was able to go everywhere they went with the exception of the most technical terrain.
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Powerful Dual Sport ADV Tire
I bought the set both front and rear of the Shinko crossfly tires for my KTM 990 Adventure. A group of us took a trip this last summer with mixed terrain and riding conditions less any snow. Our first 3 days out were met with much rain and temperature variances, both of which are a challenge on an adventure bike with a full of luggage. Much to my surprise these tires stuck to the pavement like glue in the heaviest rains that we encountered, so much so that they give great confidence in any road riding experience that you may experience. While existing Utah into Wyoming through the Flaming Gorge area, we did encounter sleet and slushy conditions, and never once did I feel an instability in the tires. The only drawback that I encountered was on a section of gravel road that had been treated with about 4" of rain the night before we arrived. Forward traction was acceptable but side stability was totally inadequate on the rear, not real surprised, because I had read this in the reviews I had read prior to my purchase. The front tire handled quite admirably and tended to release the mud well. The main problem was the fact that our group couldn't get over 5-10 mph, and therefore the mud would just pack up @ low speed. In off road, rather technical and even sandy sections, both tires were quite acceptable, especially considering the trade off for the on road abilities. Dry on road abilities were superb for knobby tires. The tires were phenomenal for all day highway riding, no obnoxious nose, and remarkable high speed abilities. While traveling between Casper and Cheyenne Wyoming. I easily exceeded 90 mph for extended periods of time, and never felt any instability. Wear on the tires was about as expected, the rear is ready for replacement after 3500 miles, but I believe the front may be up for another 2500 miles and even a bit more.
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3 Reviews