Motorcycle Roost Deflectors

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$139.95 - $154.95
◆ Soft shells are constructed from a high performance lightweight thermoformed material blend that is soft and flexible yet offers the same protection as a hard shell protector ◆ Constructed with a soft 3D mesh on the body side of the protector that offers extra comfort and breathability ◆ Thermoformed textiles are highly abrasion resistant and will not get scratched e...
◆ The protector offers protection for the chest, ribs and back via its flexible hard plates. With ventilation and bio-foam padding for comfort and fit, it features removable shoulder padding for versatility and optimal comfort, and is fully compatible with Alpinestars Bionic Neck Supports. ◆   ◆ Triple layer chest protector features a highly perforated impact absorpti...
2 Items