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Is Yamalube All Purpose 10W40 Performance Oil fully synthetic? If not, what is it?
John - February 12, 2019

Thank you for your inquiry John. Yamalube All Purpose 10W40 is NOT full synthetic.
Yamalube All Purpose 10W40 Performance Oil is a Performance blended mineral oil using high quality mineral base stocks for use in motorcycles, ATVs, side x sides, and scooters. It meets or exceeds Yamaha's requirements for lubrication and protects your engine from the wear and tear of daily use. In other words, it is a precise blend of top-quality, mineral-base oil and ultra-clean additives provide superior anti-frictional properties. This oil meets or exceeds the JASO MA requirements, which includes the highest certified motorcycle engine oil rating that ensures proper wet clutch performance. -- Kyle & the Chap Moto Team
Chaparral Motorsports Customer Support - February 17, 2019