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Pro Honda HP 80W/85W Trans Oil

Pro Honda HP 80W/85W Trans Oil
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Can I use this oil in a 2003 Cr 125r
Julian Galvan - March 12, 2019
Thank you for your inquiry Julian. Please consult your owners manual to confirm, but yes... This Pro Honda HP 80W/85W Trans Oil is quality stuff and should work great in your 2003 CR 125r. -- Kyle & the Chap Moto Team
Chaparral Motorsports Customer Support - March 27, 2019
Can it be use as Engine oil on an ATC 110 with a wet clutch Or a 250 R two stroke
Scott hawkins - December 19, 2018
Thank you for your inquiry Scott. Your owners manual should recommend to use "Honda 10W-40 4-stroke engine oil classification SE or equivalent only. No Way No How can you use Pro Honda HP 80W/85W Trans Oil as your engine oil! As for your 250 R 2-Stroke, you will want to use a quality 2-stroke oil such as this https://www.chapmoto.com/torco-t-2r-2-stroke-high-performance-oil-357-02002 - Kyle & the Chap Moto Team
Chaparral Motorsports Customer Support - December 20, 2018
A powersports employee told me to put this in my shaft drive for a 2002 1800 VTX - s is this fluid the correct fluid for a shaft drive.
Ken Sewell - May 4, 2019
Thank you for your inquiry Ken. Honda does make a specific Pro Honda 80W90 Shaft Drive Oil which they recommend and you can see it here:
https://www.chapmoto.com/pro-honda-80w90-shaft-drive-oil-19-1028 This oil Exceeds API service classifications GL-5 and GL-4. Transmission oil is a different substance all togehter, but is a form of lubrication. -- Kyle & the Chap Moto Team
Chaparral Motorsports Customer Support - May 6, 2019
Can I use this in my 2009 crf450r ?
Nicholas Mojica - September 5, 2019
Thank you for your inquiry Nicholas. Yes, this Pro Honda HP 80W/85W Trans Oil is the recommended Trans Fluid for your 2009 crf450r. -- Kyle & the Chap Moto Team
Chaparral Motorsports Customer Support - September 6, 2019
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Pro Honda HP 80W/85W Trans Oil

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Pro Honda HP 80W/85w Trans Oil is specially formulated to meet the high-performance demands of select Honda models. Using the proper motorcycle oil can greatly improve its performance so those that have a Honda FourTrax 250R or CR models will find this product ideal. Just any motorcycle oil will not do and may even cause metal to rub since average transmission oils can get whipped into a froth from the intense pressures of high-performance transmission gears. The Pro Honda HP 80w/85W Trans Oil, however, does not result in the oil breaking down prematurely nor foaming thanks to its high thermal stability and ultra-high film strength. It contains special additives, such as those with anti-shear and anti-friction properties that have many benefits such as the reduction of clutch slippage, increased clutch life, reducing power loss and drag and enabling smoother shifting.


  • Cutting edge, high performance racing transmission oil specifically formulated for all Honda CR and FourTrax 250R models
  • HP Trans Oil is also the hot tip for use in all Honda CRF 4-stroke transmissions
  • Transmission gears can whip conventional oil into a froth and intense pressure at their teeth can lead to metal to metal contact
  • HP Trans Oil offers ultra high film strength and shear stability to minimize transmission wear, while its high thermal stability prevents foaming and premature oil breakdown
  • Special anti-friction additives allow smoother shifting, while minimizing drag and power loss
  • Anti-shear additives increase clutch life, reducing clutch slippage
  • 1 Quart


1 Quart
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