Pee Wee/Toddler Motorcycle Neck Braces & Protection

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◆ Ultimate protection package includes Option elbow guard, Option knee guard and R2 race collar. ◆   ◆  Option Elbow Guard: ◆ Biofoam liner with outer plastic shell ◆ TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) impact zones between elbow/forearm protectors ◆ Quick pull comfort straps ◆  Option Knee Guard: ◆ Full knee to shin cove...
◆ The Broll is a marriage of a neck brace and a neck roll. It takes the structural mid and back end of a neck brace and combines it with a tough but comfortable padding to round out the front. This collaboration results in the perfect safety device for small children who are starting to take the risks that make moms concerned. ◆   ◆ Hybrid style construction caters to...
2 Items