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MRT Rocky Tire

MRT Rocky Tire
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MRT Rocky Tire
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  • Special durometer rubber wears well and provides excellent traction
  • 8 Ply, 1170-1420 lbs. Load Rating
  • Super light compared to other 8 and 10 ply nylon tires and up to 400 percent more puncture resistant
  • Triple Aramid fiber/Nylon belt sidewall
  • Aramid fiber sidewalls help prevent punctures even with high horsepower of modern machines that would normally destroy other tires
  • Aramid fiber side wall enables you to regulate your tire pressure for max traction without the fear of blowing the tire sidewall
  • Over 3/4" of sticky tread
  • DD (Dual Duro) tread with two different tread compounds for maximum traction
  • Optimized with extreme self cleaning deep sidewalls for cornering in soft terrain
  • The most technologically advanced tire on the market
  • Everything about this tire was designed for maximum traction, sidewall durability and versatility
  • Race engineered for maximum corner stability
  • Meets or exceeds DOT standards

Available in the following ATV/UTV tire size: 33x10.5R-16.


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Details:  33 x 10.5R - 16 Item #:MRT-331056 Availability:Out of Stock Store Pickup:Out of Stock
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


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