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Motoz Tractionator Enduro I/T Intermediate Terrain Rear Tire

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Motoz Tractionator Enduro I/T Intermediate Terrain Rear Tire
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Hi i have a drz 400 and was wondering what tire you would recommend thats would be 50/50 dirt and black top
Jerry - January 1, 2019
Thank you for your inquiry Jerry. I have run this Motoz Tractionator Enduro I/T on my DRZ and it worked well, but wore out pretty quick. I then swapped to the Tractionator Desert H/T in the rear, keeping the I/T up front. That was a winning combo in my opinion. -- Kyle & the Chap Moto Team
Chaparral Motorsports Customer Support - January 2, 2019
What Size should I run on a BETA RS? I know the factory suggests 130/80-18 Golden Tyre. I'd like to be as close to factory as possible.
Chris - September 26, 2018
Thank you for your inquiry Chris. If your BETA RS came stock with a 130/80-18 Golden Tyre, I'd suggest you run the 130/90-18. the only difference will be that the sidewall of the tire is a little bit taller. - Kyle & the Chap Moto Team
Chaparral Motorsports Customer Support - September 27, 2018
Is there an Enduro I/T for the front to match the rear?
Lee - May 2, 2019
Thank you for your inquiry Lee. Yes, there is an Enduro I/T front tire... but Chaparral does not carry it at the moment. You can see it here: If you want it, you can call an special order it... That being said, I run the Enduro I/T Rear tire on my KTM 450 and I run the Enduro S/T on the front. The lug spacing on the I/T leaves a bit to be desired in my opinion and I really like the feel of the S/T. Check it out here: -- Kyle & the Chap Moto Team
Chaparral Motorsports Customer Support - May 3, 2019
How does this tire compare to the MOTOZ Tractionator desert HT
Richard Fortner - June 12, 2019
Thank you for your inquiry Richard. What are you riding? This Motoz Tractionator Enduro I/T is a softer more motocross style tire as compared to the more dense compound and structure of the Desert HT tire. I have run them both and they both work well for what they were intended. -- Kyle & the Chap Moto Team
Chaparral Motorsports Customer Support - June 24, 2019
Which Desert HT tire for 2018 KTM 500exc?
Milo - July 17, 2019
Thank you for your inquiry Milo. Your 500 exc came from the factory with a 140/80-18 but many guys run the 130 or even a 120. Here is the Desert H/T tire from Motoz: We would suggest either the 130 or the 140. -- Kyle & the Chap Moto Team
Chaparral Motorsports Customer Support - July 18, 2019
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Motoz Tractionator Enduro I/T Intermediate Terrain Rear Tire

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Brother of the Motoz Tractionator Enduro S/T - the I/T motorcycle tire has the same characteristics as the S/T but wears longer and handles harder conditions better. Designed for riders who want the grip they like from motocross tires, but want a tough tire for off road that wears longer and has better resistance to punctures and pinch flats. If the terrain is varied with a lot of tight single trails and likely to be wet, loose and varied through all extremes, the Tractionator Enduro I/T tire is a wise choice. Designed to handle a wide variety of conditions, it is sure footed on rocky steep declines and heavy braking situations.


  • Made from a hybrid natural rubber/synthetic compound
  • Designed for 50% dry and 50% wet, 50% hard and 50% soft terrain conditions
  • Heavy duty case construction with a dense weave ply cord so greater strength and higher ply rating is achieved with less ply layers
  • Constructed with thicker side walls for maximum strength
  • Sidewalls and rim area are specially designed to protect the rim, but also to minimize pinch flats
  • Vertical reinforcement section between the sidewall layers for greater sidewall strength
  • Carcass is protected by a thick layer of rubber under the tread and around the sidewalls to help minimize punctures
  • Rubber cushion zone allows a small amount of flex under the tread blocks to aid reflex traction and reduce chunk off, increasing tire life and acting as a heat sink to help cool the tire in extreme conditions
  • Terrapactor tread block design and placement helps compact, compress or wedge the terrain creating extra traction, drive and lift
  • This unique concept coupled with the use of superior rubber quality works to lessen the impact on the terrain and provide extra traction
  • Crown Radius Section specifically matched to the application, not just a heavier motocross tire
  • Specifically designed for quick fitting and reduced service times
  • Aggressive motocross style grip with heavy duty enduro construction
  • Gives riders a consistent tire feel and behavior when switching between the Motoz Tractionator Enduro S/T and the I/T
  • Excels on steep hill climbs and tight twisting single trails where the motorcycle needs to change direction quickly
  • Gives serious off road riders the traction they need off road with heavy duty construction, puncture resistance and peace of mind of riding on something that is street homologated
  • Tested and used in the A4DE without a tire change (four days of elite enduro racing)
  • This motorcycle tire is tube type
  • These dirt bike tires are R rated for speeds up to 106 mph
  • DOT approved and ECER75 homologation


Available in the following motorcycle tire sizes: 110/100-18, 120/90-18, 130/90-18, and 110/90-19


Tractionator Enduro I/T
Tire Position
Model Name for Gear
Tractionator Enduro I/T
Tire Usage
Off Road

Item Numbers

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Details:  110/90-19 Item #908-110-090-19 Availability:In stock: Ready to shipStore Pickup:Available
Details:  110/100-18 Item #908-110-100-18 Availability:In stock: Ready to shipStore Pickup:Available
Details:  120/90-18 Item #908-120-090-18 Availability:In stock: Ready to shipStore Pickup:Available
Details:  130/90-18 Item #908-130-090-18 Availability:In stock: Ready to shipStore Pickup:Available


4 Reviews
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Recommended for Beginner to PRO
This tire is great for every type of terrain from street to deep sand, perfect for my dualsport for the days I start from my home and end up deep into the desert covering all terrain sand, mud, rocks, and back on the road. It is heavier then most tires but worth every bit because the traction. One of the best things about this tire is that it is DOT approved. I also don't have to be changing tires so much because it last for thousands of miles verse a few rides. I would recommend the Moto Z tractionator to any type of rider from beginner to pro.
Definitely Yes
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Impressed by the Versatility
This tire has worked great for me in a variety of conditions from fire roads, loose gravel, to super rocky. The wear has been about average compared to my last set of MotoZ tires. They handle well on the street which was a big concern of mine when making my purchase decision but so far they have worked just fine on the pavement when linking up other trails. I am overall impressed by the versatility of the MotoZ tire and would buy them again when this tire starts to get worn down a bit more as I still have a good amount of life left after a handful of rides.
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4 Years and 3 Trips to Moab
My bike is a KTM530xcwr. When I got the bike it had Dunlop's and they absolutely had to go. I mounted Motoz IT Tractionator Enduro's front and back at the same time. Its been almost 4 yrs since I put them on and I can't say enough about them. I mostly ride trails that are sandy and rocky where I live. I have taken 3 trips to Moab Utah, a full week each time. I rode some highway while there but most rocky, rocky rock everywhere there. They performed extremely well and held up much better than I ever expected. My bike has enough power to shred tires but these Motoz's never even lost a knob. The front tire still has a lot of life left but it's finally time for a new rear. I will be putting another 120x80x18 Motoz Tractionator Enduro I/Ton it for sure.
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Great DOT Rated Dirt Tire
I bought this tire for my son's Honda xr400 a year ago for Christmas. He just acquired this bike and it needed tires. He previously bought a MotoZ for the TT600 and really liked it. So why not get him something he likes and needs. The wear has been great and the traction great also, it is a DOT rated tire. We have been desert, mountain and street riding. About 10% pavement, 90% off road. He never seems to have a problem. Overall from what I have seen and what he talks about, this tire is a good general purpose DOT tire.
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4 Reviews
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