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Looking to shop motorcycle goggles online? You are in the right place!. Wherever you ride, you'll find stylish, quality motorcycle goggles to fit your needs at ChapMoto.com. We offer the lowest pricing on a vast selection of top brand name motorcycle goggles for off road and on road use. Check out our goggle review videos to help you make an informed decision about this vital piece of equipment.

See Every Mile of Your Ride Clearly Through Motorcycle Eyewear

If you've been bit by the speed bug, there's no better way to itch it than by hopping on a motorcycle. But you can't ride your bike if you're sitting at home injured. While the helmet is your most important form of protection, riders without visors shouldn't forget motorcycle goggles. Eye protection keeps the most sensitive part of the head safe and improves vision during the ride. Finding the right kind of eyewear can difficult if you aren't familiar with the latest developments for the style of riding you prefer. Here are a few factors to think about when choosing your eye protection.
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Discover Your Options

Start by deciding what types of riding you want to do and finding the kinds of eyewear that you will need. ChapMoto.com offers goggles for every rider including: Street bike or standard goggles are typically worn with open-face, visor-free helmets for street bikes. They generally offer only basic protection against foreign particles. Dirt bike goggles are made to be worn with peaked off-road helmets. The closer fit and foam padding keep dirt and other objects away from the eyes. Sand goggles were created with desert, dune, and beach environments in mind. Because sand tends to have finer particles that other terrains, denser foam is used to keep even the smallest grains of sand out. Over-the-glasses goggles are any type of eye protection that fits over vision-correcting glasses. If you don't have contacts or don't want to risk them being knocked loose, wear this type of goggles with your glasses. Riding glasses look similar to a standard set of sunglasses. They are designed with bikers in mind, often incorporating shatterproof materials to better protect the rider. Casual sunglasses are best saved for when you want to look good off of your bike. While some motorcyclists wear them on rides, riding glasses can offer the same style and UV resistance along with better protection.
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Eye Protection

If you're lucky, the most protection your goggles will ever need to offer is shielding you from the elements. Basic problems such as dust and harsh winds can give you more issues than rocks and other vehicles. Being able to see well during a ride allows you to avoid potential hazards before they become dangerous.
Consider getting motorcycle eyewear that includes UV protection to block out the most harmful type of solar radiation. It's also important that your eye protection is fog proof and dust proof so that you can easily see through them even in bad conditions. Because you always end up riding longer than you think, choose comfortable eyewear. Look for goggles with adequate amounts of cushy padding and glasses that fit the shape of your head well.
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Motorcycle Goggle Safety

Once you have the lesser issues out of the way, you can pick options that better protect you during danger. Bikers in general and off-road riders in particular need to worry about rocks and other debris being kicked up by other vehicles. At high speeds, this is akin to being shot in the eye by a bullet. Shatterproof eyewear not only keeps debris away from your eyes, it keeps the lens intact, so you can continue to see through them.
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Top Brands of Motorcycle Goggles

As with any other product, some manufacturers create better quality products than others. At ChapMoto.com, we choose brands that ensure you get the safest and most stylish motorcycle eyewear possible. These models span the gamut from affordable entry-level eye protection to premium goggles. Chaparral Motorsports knows that finding the right equipment can seem like a nightmare. If you ever need help finding a set of motocross goggles or anything else for your new ride, feel free to call or email.
100% is inspired by its classic tagline: “How much effort do you give?” This brand has been creating quality motocross gear since the 1980s. Oakley is one of a few companies that set out specifically to create better performing glasses and goggles. It has almost 55 years of experience producing eyewear and it shows in every eye-catching, top-quality design. Dragon is a rags-to-riches story that started in a California garage and ended up as one of the top competition manufacturers. Its products have a unique look and it's constantly innovating new features. Scott created the first goggle designed exclusively for motocross. Whether you're a beginner or a veteran, you can find the model for you in its inventory. Fox Racing may not be an eyewear exclusive company, but with its place in the off-road community, it's hard to call them inexperienced. Makers of motocross equipment since the 1970s, more than a few champions have worn its gear. VonZipper has a style that sets them apart from the competition. Both men and women can find stylish protection almost indistinguishable from premium sunglasses.
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