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Motorcycle Locks & Chains

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Products 1 to 40 of 103
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8 x 6'
saleKryptonite Fahgettaboudit Chain and New York Disc LockKryptonite Fahgettaboudit Chain and New York Disc Lock$173.99 $230.95Save Up to 25%saleKryptonite Evolution Series 4 Disc LockKryptonite Evolution Series 4 Disc Lock$42.99 - $74.95 $74.95Save Up to 44%saleBully 5 FT. 6Bully 5 FT. 6" Chain Only$36.99 $38.69Save Up to 6%saleKryptonite Keeper 5S Disc LockKryptonite Keeper 5S Disc Lock$22.99 $29.95Save Up to 25%saleKryptonite Kryptoflex 3010 Looped CableKryptonite Kryptoflex 3010 Looped Cable$27.99 $53.95Save Up to 50%saleXena XX-10 Disc Lock AlarmXena XX-10 Disc Lock Alarm$94.99 - $106.99 $109.95Save Up to 14%
saleAbus Granit Detecto X-Plus 8077 Disc Lock AlarmAbus Granit Detecto XPlus 8077 Alarm Disc Lock$179.99 - $189.99 $189.99Save Up to 6%saleAbus Detecto 7000 RS1 Pixel Disc Lock AlarmAbus Detecto 7000 RS1 Pixel Disc Lock Alarm$149.99saleKryptonite New York Noose Chain and Evolution Series 4 Disc LockKryptonite New York Noose Chain and Evolution Series 4 Disc Lock$139.99 $181.95Save Up to 24%saleKryptonite Evolution Series 4 Integrated Chain LockKryptonite Evolution Series 4 Integrated Chain Lock$137.95saleOnGuard Mastiff Series Chain with Disc LockOnGuard Mastiff Series Chain with Disc Lock$94.95saleBully 20mm 6 ft. With Integrated Cable LockBully 20mm 6 ft. With Integrated Cable Lock$29.99 $35.12Save Up to 18%saleXena XX-6 Series Disc Lock AlarmXena XX-6 Series Disc Lock Alarm$75.99 - $85.95 $85.95Save Up to 12%saleBully Black MambaBully Black Mamba$68.99 $88.39Save Up to 23%saleAbus Steel-O-Chain 880 Chain LockAbus Steel-O-Chain 880 Chain Lock$64.99saleKryptonite New York Disc LockKryptonite New York Disc Lock$69.99 $96.95Save Up to 29%saleBully Grip LockBully Grip Lock$56.87 - $65.79 $80.35Save Up to 30%saleAbus Granit Sledg 77 Web Disc LockAbus Granit Sledg 77 Web Disc Lock$139.99closeoutOnGuard Boxer Staple Disc LockOnGuard Boxer Staple Disc Lock$17.99 $23.98Save Up to 27%closeoutOnGuard Double Team Combo PackOnGuard Double Team Combo Pack$42.99 $59.98Save Up to 29%closeoutOnGuard Boxer Disc Lock Reminder CableOnGuard Boxer Disc Lock Reminder Cable$5.99 $6.38Save Up to 17%closeoutOnGuard Shackle Boxer Disc lockOnGuard Shackle Boxer Disc lock$34.99 $47.98Save Up to 28%closeoutXena Steel Disc Alarm LockXena Steel Disc Alarm Lock$89.99 $99.95Save Up to 11%saleKryptonite New York Noose Chain 4'3Kryptonite New York Noose Chain 4'3" W/Disc Lock$99.99 $146.95Save Up to 33%saleAbus Cobra CableAbus Cobra Cable$14.99 - $44.99 $17.99-$44.99Save Up to 69%Abus 405 Disc LockAbus 405 Disc Lock$49.99 - $51.01Abus Steel-O-Chain 9808 Chain LockAbus Steel-O-Chain 9808 Chain Lock$99.99 - $129.99saleAbus Granit Extreme U-LockAbus Granit Extreme U-Lock$279.99 - $319.99 $299.99-$319.99Save Up to 13%saleAbus Provogue 305 Disc LockAbus Provogue 305 Disc Lock$34.99 - $39.99 $39.99Save Up to 13%saleAbus Provogue 300 Disc LockAbus Provogue 300 Disc Lock$39.99 - $44.99 $44.99Save Up to 12%saleAbus Element 285 Disc LockAbus Element 285 Disc Lock$29.99 - $34.99 $34.99Save Up to 15%saleAbus Element 290 Disc LockAbus Element 290 Disc Lock$34.99 - $39.99 $39.99Save Up to 13%Abus WBA 75 Wall/Floor AnchorAbus WBA 75 Wall/Floor Anchor$89.99Abus 770 Smartx U-LockAbus 770 Smartx U-Lock$249.99saleAbus 4508C Coil Cable LockAbus 4508C Coil Cable Lock$19.99 $24.99Save Up to 21%Abus 4508K Coil Cable LockAbus 4508K Coil Cable Lock$24.99saleAbus Granit Quick 37/60 Mini U-LockAbus Granit Quick 37/60 Mini U-Lock$119.99 $129.99Save Up to 8%saleAbus Granit Quick 37/60 Maxi U-LockAbus Granit Quick 37/60 Maxi U-Lock$129.99 $139.99Save Up to 8%Abus Memo Roll Up Memory CableAbus Memo Roll Up Memory Cable$8.99Abus Memory CableAbus Memory Cable$9.99

Motorcycle Locks & Chains

Be confident that your motorcycle will be safe and secure with these name-brand motorcycle locks and chains. At Chaparral Motorsports, we carry reliable security systems to secure your bike and belongings while away from the safety of your garage. Park confidently, throw a motorcycle and atv cover over your bike and rest easy knowing your bike is going to stay exactly where you left it with our selection of motorcycle locks and chains.

We carry a wide assortment of popular disc locks, chains, motorcycle cable locks and alarm locks from recognized manufacturers such as Kryptonite, OnGuard, Bully, and Master Lock. With a lock and chain option to suit any scenario or location you can shop with confidence that you will find exactly what you need for your motorcycle at Chaparral Motorsports. If you own a bike that turns heads as you cruise on by, be sure it’s protected when you’re not looking. No matter if you ride a sport bike, V-twin, Adventure bike, or dirt bike, we have a lock, chain, or cable that will work with your ride. Whether you’re parking your bike for the night or taking a few hours to stroll through town, a confident lock is an excellent way to protect your investment.

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