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UTV & Utility Gun Cases

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Gun Cases

Using your ATV or UTV for hunting offers many advantages, including giving you the ability to quickly cover ground and more easily access the best hunting areas. Taking a side-by-side with you also makes it much easier to carry all your gear and to store any game you hunt. Anytime you go on an outing, it is essential you have a safe, convenient place to store any guns you are taking with you. Chaparral Motorsports offers a selection of gun cases that are the ideal solution for protecting your firearms without any worry of them being damaged when driving. You’ll also find great UTV lighting options as well as aftermarket UTV parts, gear, and accessories when shopping with Chaparral Motorsports.

Protective cases can be used to carry your guns, ammo, and any other items you need to effectively use your firearm. Smaller cases can hold a pistol for protection whereas larger cases are capable of carrying a hunting rifle or even multiple guns. We also offer an array of UTV and ATV cargo boxes so you can carry extra UTV riding gear. Many of the gun cases and cargo boxes feature hard exteriors combined with a tight seal and dustproof design to protect your guns no matter the terrain or weather conditions. Gun boots are designed to add a protective shell around your firearm and can be easily mounted onto your vehicle using a purchased rack or mounting system.

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