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Riding off-road can put you at risk of a lot of different debris flying at your head, so finding the right type of protection is important. A motocross helmet is specifically designed for these types of riding situations, making them both look and function quite differently from a street helmet. A MX helmet features a protective visor which can block off debris such as branches to keep them away from the face. The chin bar of a dirt bike helmet is also extended, allowing for easier breathing, as off-roading can be quite strenuous and require heavy breathing. Unlike street helmets, motocross helmets do not include a face shield, as many dirt bike riders use goggles. Find the perfect style and brand for you so you can ride your dirt bike with safety and comfort.

A dirt bike helmet, or motocross helmet as some may call them, are designed to be lightweight and provide overall head protection. Dirt bike riders use goggles so there is no face shield on a dirt bike helmet. With their distinctly pointed chin bar dirt bike helmets look significantly different than a fullface street bike helmets. Riding dirt bikes is a very strenuous activity that gets the heart rate elevated and the rider breathing heavily. The chin bar on a dirt bike helmet is designed so it sits a little bit away from the rider’s face/mouth to provide plenty of fresh air and the ability to breathe easy without breathing directly into the foam or chin bar as you would with a street oriented fullface helmet. You’ll also notice that a dirt bike helmet has a visor. The visor is there to help protect the rider from roost (flying dirt and rocks) that gets kicked up from other riders. The visor also helps block the sun and protects the rider from branches when riding through trees or tight trails. Dirt bike helmet technology is progressively getting more technical to provide the utmost in rider safety with features like carbon fiber shells and internal MIPS technology to help reduce impact and rotational forces. Shop the entire collection of popular motocross brands at

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