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Made with speed, quality, and customers in mind, LS2 Helmets is always moving forward and making their helmets better than before. They use their learned knowledge to create quality helmets of all different styles using the light but sturdy carbon fiber for their material. They ensure their helmets are all made of EPS lining for shock absorption, strong external casing, and with the addition of many accessories to make their helmets the perfect fit. When assembled, a strict process is followed by a technician to build the best possible helmets, which are then put through a final check for quality control to guarantee only the safest and sturdiest helmets are shipped out.

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A modular helmet is a full face helmet that has an articulating chin bar that can be raised over the forehead. Many cruiser and touring bike riders like these helmets because it allow them to raise the chin bar and easily communicate with other people. You can find several modular and full face helmets that are designed to work with Bluetooth communication devices and have things like specially designed ear pads that have cutouts for speakers or specific attachment points for the comms system and/or microphones. Find a complete selection of colors, sizes and brands of flip up motorcycle helmets at

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