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Klim Dual Sport Modular Motorcycle Helmets

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Klim is a motorsports clothing company that produces apparel for men, women and children. It specializes in outdoor gear for use on snowmobiles, off-road machines and motorcycles, including gloves, helmets, and more. Goggles, insulated socks, ventilated gloves and other gear all work to make your driving safer, sleeker and more stylish. Lightweight foam hip, knee and elbow pads protect vulnerable points on your body from a hard landing. Pants and jackets meant for extreme weather keep you warm and help you stand out from the snow. Klim apparel also provides coverage that helps prevent scrapes and scratches. Gore-Tex material keeps Klim gear breathable and waterproof, so you stay comfortable even in extreme weather.

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A modular helmet is a full face helmet that has an articulating chin bar that can be raised over the forehead. Many cruiser and touring bike riders like these helmets because it allow them to raise the chin bar and easily communicate with other people. You can find several modular and full face helmets that are designed to work with Bluetooth communication devices and have things like specially designed ear pads that have cutouts for speakers or specific attachment points for the comms system and/or microphones. Find a complete selection of colors, sizes and brands of flip up motorcycle helmets at

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