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Klim Unlimited Straight Denim Jeans

Klim Unlimited Straight Denim Jeans

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For the situations where you just hop on the bike and ride, Klim has developed proper classic jeans that still give you abrasion protection. Imagine your favorite pair of jeans, with added stretch for all day comfort and road ready abrasion protection, so you don’t have to feel guilty about riding in casual clothes.

  • 12oz Covec abrasion and cut resistant stretch denim
  • Straight cut fit
  • 5 pocket jean style
  • Subdued leather branding
  • Riveted construction
  • Zip fly
  • Stretch gusseted crotch area
  • No liner for optimal comfort and mobility
  • Hidden reflective under cuff for visibility if needed
  • These jeans have been rated for abrasion according to standard Pren17092-1 at 75km/H (46.6 Mph)
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California Prop 65
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Part Numbers

SKU MPN Availability In-Store Pickup
Grey 36W X 32L 261-3855-000-362-6303855-000-362-6301 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Grey 34W X 32L 261-3855-000-342-6303855-000-342-6301 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Blue 34W X 32L 261-3855-000-342-2063855-000-342-2061 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Grey 32W X 32L 261-3855-000-322-6303855-000-322-6301 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Blue 32W X 32L 261-3855-000-322-2063855-000-322-2061 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Indigo 40W X 32L 261-3855-000-402-2073855-000-402-207Unavailable.-
Blue 40W X 32L 261-3855-000-402-2063855-000-402-206Unavailable.-
Black 40W X 32L 261-3855-000-402-0033855-000-402-003Unavailable.-
Grey 38W X 32L 261-3855-000-382-6303855-000-382-630Unavailable.-
Indigo 38W X 32L 261-3855-000-382-2073855-000-382-207Unavailable.-
Blue 38W X 32L 261-3855-000-382-2063855-000-382-206Unavailable.-
Black 38W X 32L 261-3855-000-382-0033855-000-382-003Unavailable.-
Grey 38W X 30L 261-3855-000-380-6303855-000-380-630Unavailable.-
Indigo 38W X 30L 261-3855-000-380-2073855-000-380-207Unavailable.-
Blue 38W X 30L 261-3855-000-380-2063855-000-380-206Unavailable.-
Black 38W X 30L 261-3855-000-380-0033855-000-380-003Unavailable.-
Grey 36W X 34L 261-3855-000-364-6303855-000-364-630Unavailable.-
Indigo 36W X 34L 261-3855-000-364-2073855-000-364-207Unavailable.-
Blue 36W X 34L 261-3855-000-364-2063855-000-364-206Unavailable.-
Black 36W X 34L 261-3855-000-364-0033855-000-364-003Unavailable.-
Indigo 36W X 32L 261-3855-000-362-2073855-000-362-207Unavailable.-
Blue 36W X 32L 261-3855-000-362-2063855-000-362-206Unavailable.-
Black 36W X 32L 261-3855-000-362-0033855-000-362-003Unavailable.-
Grey 36W X 30L 261-3855-000-360-6303855-000-360-630Unavailable.-
Indigo 36W X 30L 261-3855-000-360-2073855-000-360-207Unavailable.-
Blue 36W X 30L 261-3855-000-360-2063855-000-360-206Unavailable.-
Black 36W X 30L 261-3855-000-360-0033855-000-360-003Unavailable.-
Grey 34W X 34L 261-3855-000-344-6303855-000-344-630Unavailable.-
Indigo 34W X 34L 261-3855-000-344-2073855-000-344-207Unavailable.-
Blue 34W X 34L 261-3855-000-344-2063855-000-344-206Unavailable.-
Black 34W X 34L 261-3855-000-344-0033855-000-344-003Unavailable.-
Indigo 34W X 32L 261-3855-000-342-2073855-000-342-207Unavailable.-
Black 34W X 32L 261-3855-000-342-0033855-000-342-003Unavailable.-
Grey 34W X 30L 261-3855-000-340-6303855-000-340-630Unavailable.-
Indigo 34W X 30L 261-3855-000-340-2073855-000-340-207Unavailable.-
Blue 34W X 30L 261-3855-000-340-2063855-000-340-206Unavailable.-
Black 34W X 30L 261-3855-000-340-0033855-000-340-003Unavailable.-
Grey 33W x 34L 261-3855-000-334-6303855-000-334-630Unavailable.-
Indigo 33W x 34L 261-3855-000-334-2073855-000-334-207Unavailable.-
Blue 33W x 34L 261-3855-000-334-2063855-000-334-206Unavailable.-
Black 33W x 34L 261-3855-000-334-0033855-000-334-003Unavailable.-
Grey 33W x 32L 261-3855-000-332-6303855-000-332-630Unavailable.-
Indigo 33W x 32L 261-3855-000-332-2073855-000-332-207Unavailable.-
Blue 33W x 32L 261-3855-000-332-2063855-000-332-206Unavailable.-
Black 33W x 32L 261-3855-000-332-0033855-000-332-003Unavailable.-
Grey 33W x 30L 261-3855-000-330-6303855-000-330-630Unavailable.-
Indigo 33W x 30L 261-3855-000-330-2073855-000-330-207Unavailable.-
Blue 33W x 30L 261-3855-000-330-2063855-000-330-206Unavailable.-
Black 33W x 30L 261-3855-000-330-0033855-000-330-003Unavailable.-
Grey 32W X 34L 261-3855-000-324-6303855-000-324-630Unavailable.-
Indigo 32W X 34L 261-3855-000-324-2073855-000-324-207Unavailable.-
Blue 32W X 34L 261-3855-000-324-2063855-000-324-206Unavailable.-
Black 32W X 34L 261-3855-000-324-0033855-000-324-003Unavailable.-
Indigo 32W X 32L 261-3855-000-322-2073855-000-322-207Unavailable.-
Black 32W X 32L 261-3855-000-322-0033855-000-322-003Unavailable.-
Grey 32W X 30L 261-3855-000-320-6303855-000-320-630Unavailable.-
Indigo 32W X 30L 261-3855-000-320-2073855-000-320-207Unavailable.-
Blue 32W X 30L 261-3855-000-320-2063855-000-320-206Unavailable.-
Black 32W X 30L 261-3855-000-320-0033855-000-320-003Unavailable.-
Indigo 31W x 32L 261-3855-000-312-2073855-000-312-207Unavailable.-
Blue 31W x 32L 261-3855-000-312-2063855-000-312-206Unavailable.-
Black 31W x 32L 261-3855-000-312-0033855-000-312-003Unavailable.-
Indigo 31W x 30L 261-3855-000-310-2073855-000-310-207Unavailable.-
Blue 31W x 30L 261-3855-000-310-2063855-000-310-206Unavailable.-
Black 31W x 30L 261-3855-000-310-0033855-000-310-003Unavailable.-
Indigo 30W X 32L 261-3855-000-302-2073855-000-302-207Unavailable.-
Blue 30W X 32L 261-3855-000-302-2063855-000-302-206Unavailable.-
Black 30W X 32L 261-3855-000-302-0033855-000-302-003Unavailable.-
Indigo 30W X 30L 261-3855-000-300-2073855-000-300-207Unavailable.-
Blue 30W X 30L 261-3855-000-300-2063855-000-300-206Unavailable.-
Black 30W X 30L 261-3855-000-300-0033855-000-300-003Unavailable.-
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