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Klim Baja S4 Vented Pants

Klim Baja S4 Vented Pants

$469.99 - $539.99
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The Baja S4 Pant was born for open deserts and towering sand dunes. Featuring extensive 4 way stretch zones and durable Schoeller Dynatec nylon mesh, specially mapped with a lightweight liner for unrestricted airflow. The Baja S4 delivers thorough airflow for hot weather adventure riding. Engineered with excellent flexibility for dynamic off-road riding, while ceramic plated Superfabric offers outstanding on road protection. Paired with the waterproof Enduro S4, the Baja S4 kit is the ultimate adventure riding setup for maximum versatility.

  • Main chassis made from Schoeller Dynatec high tenacity nylon mesh
  • Mapped chassis materials for durability and stretch in key areas
  • Durable 750D Cordura fabric on cargo pockets, cuffs and waist
  • Karbonite Micromesh with 4 way stretch, 1000D Cordura in stretch zones
  • 3M Scotchlite C790 carbon black reflective material
  • Perforated goat leather on the inside of knees for grip and protection
  • Klimatek cooling mesh in knee armor pad pockets
  • Moisture wicking, anti-microbial, polygiene anti-odor liner
  • Stretch woven material fully porous for airflow
  • Superfabric on knees
  • Full time chassis ventilation through Schoeller Dynatec mesh panels
  • Air permeability through Karbonite Micromesh stretch zones
  • Comfort mapped mesh liner for unrestricted airflow
  • Provides airflow at all speeds
  • 2 Billowed thigh cargo pockets
  • Adjustable waist
  • Zipper and snap adjustable cuff
  • 2 Quick adjust calf straps
  • Jacket pant zip connection
  • Biomotion recognition
  • Fits over off-road boots
  • Removable armor pads
  • Designed to kit with Enduro S4 pant for cool and wet weather
  • D3O C.E. Level 1 LP1 vented hip and adjustable knee armor
  • C.E. AA rating certified to prEN 17092-3
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Part Numbers

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Green/Charcoal/Flo Yellow 34 261-4062-000-034-3004062-000-034-3004 In Stock. Ready to ship.4 In Stock.
Green/Charcoal/Flo Yellow 38 261-4062-000-038-3004062-000-038-3003 In Stock. Ready to ship.3 In Stock.
Black/Charcoal 34 261-4062-000-034-0004062-000-034-0002 In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Black/Charcoal 32 261-4062-000-032-0004062-000-032-0002 In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Black/Charcoal 40 261-4062-000-040-0004062-000-040-0001 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Grey 38 261-4062-000-038-6004062-000-038-6001 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Grey/Teal 38 261-4062-000-038-2014062-000-038-2011 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Green/Charcoal/Flo Yellow 36 261-4062-000-036-3004062-000-036-3001 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Charcoal 36 261-4062-000-036-0004062-000-036-0001 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Grey 34 261-4062-000-034-6004062-000-034-6001 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Grey/Teal 34 261-4062-000-034-2014062-000-034-2011 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Grey 32 261-4062-000-032-6004062-000-032-6001 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Grey/Teal 32 261-4062-000-032-2014062-000-032-2011 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Grey 30 261-4062-000-030-6004062-000-030-6001 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Grey 40 Short 261-4062-000-340-6004062-000-340-600Unavailable.-
Cool Grey 38 Short 261-4062-000-338-6134062-000-338-613Unavailable.-
Grey 38 Short 261-4062-000-338-6004062-000-338-600Unavailable.-
Grey/Teal 38 Short 261-4062-000-338-2014062-000-338-201Unavailable.-
Cool Grey 36 Short 261-4062-000-336-6134062-000-336-613Unavailable.-
Grey 36 Short 261-4062-000-336-6004062-000-336-600Unavailable.-
Grey/Teal 36 Short 261-4062-000-336-2014062-000-336-201Unavailable.-
Cool Grey 34 Short 261-4062-000-334-6134062-000-334-613Unavailable.-
Grey 34 Short 261-4062-000-334-6004062-000-334-600Unavailable.-
Grey/Teal 34 Short 261-4062-000-334-2014062-000-334-201Unavailable.-
Cool Grey 32 Short 261-4062-000-332-6134062-000-332-613Unavailable.-
Grey 32 Short 261-4062-000-332-6004062-000-332-600Unavailable.-
Grey/Teal 32 Short 261-4062-000-332-2014062-000-332-201Unavailable.-
Cool Grey 30 Short 261-4062-000-330-6134062-000-330-613Unavailable.-
Grey/Teal 30 Short 261-4062-000-330-2014062-000-330-201Unavailable.-
Cool Grey 38 Tall 261-4062-000-238-6134062-000-238-613Unavailable.-
Grey 38 Tall 261-4062-000-238-6004062-000-238-600Unavailable.-
Green/Charcoal/Flo Yellow 38 Tall 261-4062-000-238-3004062-000-238-300Unavailable.-
Grey/Teal 38 Tall 261-4062-000-238-2014062-000-238-201Unavailable.-
Black/Charcoal 38 Tall 261-4062-000-238-0004062-000-238-000Unavailable.-
Cool Grey 36 Tall 261-4062-000-236-6134062-000-236-613Unavailable.-
Grey 36 Tall 261-4062-000-236-6004062-000-236-600Unavailable.-
Green/Charcoal/Flo Yellow 36 Tall 261-4062-000-236-3004062-000-236-300Unavailable.-
Grey/Teal 36 Tall 261-4062-000-236-2014062-000-236-201Unavailable.-
Black/Charcoal 36 Tall 261-4062-000-236-0004062-000-236-000Unavailable.-
Cool Grey 34 Tall 261-4062-000-234-6134062-000-234-613Unavailable.-
Grey 34 Tall 261-4062-000-234-6004062-000-234-600Unavailable.-
Green/Charcoal/Flo Yellow 34 Tall 261-4062-000-234-3004062-000-234-300Unavailable.-
Grey/Teal 34 Tall 261-4062-000-234-2014062-000-234-201Unavailable.-
Black/Charcoal 34 Tall 261-4062-000-234-0004062-000-234-000Unavailable.-
Cool Grey 32 Tall 261-4062-000-232-6134062-000-232-613Unavailable.-
Grey 32 Tall 261-4062-000-232-6004062-000-232-600Unavailable.-
Green/Charcoal/Flo Yellow 32 Tall 261-4062-000-232-3004062-000-232-300Unavailable.-
Grey/Teal 32 Tall 261-4062-000-232-2014062-000-232-201Unavailable.-
Black/Charcoal 32 Tall 261-4062-000-232-0004062-000-232-000Unavailable.-
Cool Grey 40 261-4062-000-040-6134062-000-040-613Unavailable.-
Grey 40 261-4062-000-040-6004062-000-040-600Unavailable.-
Green/Charcoal/Flo Yellow 40 261-4062-000-040-3004062-000-040-300Unavailable.-
Grey/Teal 40 261-4062-000-040-2014062-000-040-201Unavailable.-
Cool Grey 38 261-4062-000-038-6134062-000-038-613Unavailable.-
Black/Charcoal 38 261-4062-000-038-0004062-000-038-000Unavailable.-
Cool Grey 36 261-4062-000-036-6134062-000-036-613Unavailable.-
Grey 36 261-4062-000-036-6004062-000-036-600Unavailable.-
Grey/Teal 36 261-4062-000-036-2014062-000-036-201Unavailable.-
Cool Grey 34 261-4062-000-034-6134062-000-034-613Unavailable.-
Cool Grey 32 261-4062-000-032-6134062-000-032-613Unavailable.-
Green/Charcoal/Flo Yellow 32 261-4062-000-032-3004062-000-032-300Unavailable.-
Cool Grey 30 261-4062-000-030-6134062-000-030-613Unavailable.-
Green/Charcoal/Flo Yellow 30 261-4062-000-030-3004062-000-030-300Unavailable.-
Grey/Teal 30 261-4062-000-030-2014062-000-030-201Unavailable.-
Black/Charcoal 30 261-4062-000-030-0004062-000-030-000Unavailable.-
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