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JT Sprockets 520Z3 X-Ring Chain

JT Sprockets 520Z3 X-Ring Chain

$53.69 - $92.95
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Leading edge technology and using only the highest grade of special steel alloys, JT Sprockets produces a full range of superior quality motorcycle chains. The specifications of the JT advanced power transfer chains meet or exceed the requirements of all modern motorcycles, street, MX, enduro, off-road and ATV. The expert series heavy duty x-ring chain is a highly durable X-Ring chain for road and off-road applications.

  • Z3 expert series super heavy duty X-ring drive chain
  • Pressed four times for an extra strong rivet that resists powerful lateral forces on the outer plate
  • Solid bushes provide enhanced resistance to distortion from repetitive shock loading
  • Riveted bushes that resist powerful lateral forces on the inner plate
  • X-Ring seals offer better sealing than the conventional O-Ring and produce far less friction
  • Rivet type connecting link
  • Meets or exceeds the requirements of all modern motorcycles, street, MX, enduro, off road and ATV

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JT Sprockets 520Z3 X-Ring Chain
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