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2 Items
Icon is a brand that lives the lifestyle it promotes. Passionate participants in the performance riding scene, Icon creates fashionable gear to protect riders from the most intense falls. Icon riding gear includes styles for men and women who live for the thrill of the street. Available items include helmets, jackets, gloves, pants and footwear, as well as accessories and replacement parts. Clothing is both durable and flexible, allowing for freedom of movement without sacrificing protection. The designs are thoughtful and innovative, creating a stunning effect that isn’t undermined by a garment’s functionality. Embrace your inner street rider with Icon’s peerless gear and let your fellow cyclists know you’re not afraid to take a tumble. Shop the entire Icon collection at ChapMoto.com

If you ride motocross, you know the importance of having good gear. In addition to a helmet and boots, choosing the right clothing can have a huge impact on your safety. Because stones, dirt and other debris can pepper your upper body like shrapnel during your ride, you need sturdy motocross jerseys or dirt bike jerseys to help prevent bruises or abrasions.

While some jerseys are designed more for casual off-road riding and some are meant to be worn during races or other types of motocross competitions, there is a wide variety of style options to make sure you look your best. Take on the terrain safely and in style in a motocross jersey.

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