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Made with speed, quality, and customers in mind, LS2 Helmets is always moving forward and making their helmets better than before. They use their learned knowledge to create quality helmets of all different styles using the light but sturdy carbon fiber for their material. They ensure their helmets are all made of EPS lining for shock absorption, strong external casing, and with the addition of many accessories to make their helmets the perfect fit. When assembled, a strict process is followed by a technician to build the best possible helmets, which are then put through a final check for quality control to guarantee only the safest and sturdiest helmets are shipped out.

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Many Harley-Davidson owners and cruiser riders often prefer to wear half helmets or 3/4 helmets. As its name suggests a half helmet or beanie style helmet as some people call them only covers the top half of your head whereas a 3/4 or open face helmet covers your whole head but leaves the face completely exposed. The half helmet offers the least protection of any motorcycle helmet but delivers the most ventilation. A 3/4 or open face helmet has old school styling which many riders like. These helmets provide a little more protection than a half helmet but like a half helmet they leave your face susceptible to injury in the event of a crash. The 3/4 helmet also allows for a lot of air to hit your face when riding while also offering wind noise protection by covering your ears. Some manufacturers offer 3/4 helmets with a few features such as internal drop down sun shields or face shields and visors that can be snapped onto the helmet. Some of these helmets also have vents built into the forehead area to help cool you off when riding in high temperatures

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