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HJC is North America’s premier helmet brand. Whatever type of riding you do, HJC Helmets has a variety of choices designed specifically to meet your needs. Our helmets are tested in the lab and on the road to keep you safe without sacrificing comfort, aerodynamics, and style. All this quality comes at extremely affordable prices, which means anyone can enjoy the benefits that attract professional racers and extreme sports stars to trust our products. HJC motorcycle helmets are made with technologically advanced carbon and fiberglass materials to offer lightweight yet highly durable and shock-resistant protection. We consider every aspect of the riding experience in our designs, delivering noise-canceling and cooling helmet options. Choose from full face, open face, and modular styles available from

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Many Harley-Davidson owners and cruiser riders often prefer to wear half helmets or 3/4 helmets. As its name suggests a half helmet or beanie style helmet as some people call them only covers the top half of your head whereas a 3/4 or open face helmet covers your whole head but leaves the face completely exposed. The half helmet offers the least protection of any motorcycle helmet but delivers the most ventilation. A 3/4 or open face helmet has old school styling which many riders like. These helmets provide a little more protection than a half helmet but like a half helmet they leave your face susceptible to injury in the event of a crash. The 3/4 helmet also allows for a lot of air to hit your face when riding while also offering wind noise protection by covering your ears. Some manufacturers offer 3/4 helmets with a few features such as internal drop down sun shields or face shields and visors that can be snapped onto the helmet. Some of these helmets also have vents built into the forehead area to help cool you off when riding in high temperatures

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