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Dirt Bike Engine Components

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Products 1 to 40 of 256
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Standard Bore 47.95mm
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saleHot Cams 9.48 mm Diameter Valve Shim KitHot Cams 9.48 mm Diameter Valve Shim Kit$103.46 $114.95Save Up to 10%saleWrench Rabbit Complete Engine Rebuild KitWrench Rabbit Complete Engine Rebuild Kit$327.96 - $1,122.36 $409.95-$1,402.95Save Up to 77%saleHot Cams 7.48 mm Diameter Valve Shim KitHot Cams 7.48 mm Diameter Valve Shim Kit$103.46 $114.95Save Up to 10%saleHiFloFiltro O.E.M Replacement Oil FilterHiFloFiltro O.E.M Replacement Oil Filter$3.38 - $12.18 $3.45-$12.87Save Up to 75%
saleWiseco Complete Bottom End Rebuild KitWiseco Complete Bottom End Rebuild Kit$248.63 - $607.53 $314.83-$791.69Save Up to 69%
saleBoyesen Factory Racing Ignition CoverBoyesen Factory Racing Ignition Cover$76.99 - $119.95 $86.95-$109.95Save Up to 31%
saleTwin Air Oil FilterTwin Air Oil Filter$10.76 - $12.56 $11.95-$13.95Save Up to 24%
saleBoyesen SuperCooler Water Pump Cover And Impeller KitBoyesen SuperCooler Water Pump Cover And Impeller Kit$63.95 - $219.95 $189.95-$229.95Save Up to 73%
saleTrail Tech Radiator Fan KitTrail Tech Radiator Fan Kit$219.95saleWiseco High Performance Forged 2-Stroke Complete Top End KitWiseco High Performance Forged 2-Stroke Complete Top End Kit$118.78 - $461.35 $147.89-$569.90Save Up to 80%saleWiseco 4-Stroke Piston KitWiseco 4-Stroke Piston Kit$68.95 - $246.48 $116.82-$308.22Save Up to 78%saleHot Rods Complete Crankshaft AssemblyHot Rods Complete Crankshaft Assembly$112.46 - $791.96 $124.95-$879.95Save Up to 88%saleVertex 2-Stroke Top End Piston KitVertex 2-Stroke Top End Piston Kit$89.21 - $326.36 $104.95-$383.95Save Up to 77%saleHiFloFiltro Chrome Oil FilterHiFloFiltro Chrome Oil Filter$10.45 - $14.65 $11.61-$16.28Save Up to 38%saleWiseco High Performance Forged 4-Stroke Complete Top End KitWiseco High Performance Forged 4-Stroke Complete Top End Kit$108.56 - $786.29 $162.19-$884.94Save Up to 88%saleWiseco 2-Stroke Piston KitWiseco 2-Stroke Piston Kit$47.99 - $352.79
saleBoyesen SuperCooler Spectra Series Water Pump Cover And Impeller KitBoyesen SuperCooler Spectra Series Water Pump Cover And Impeller Kit$195.95 - $225.95 $199.95-$234.95Save Up to 17%saleHot Cams Stage 2 CamshaftsHot Cams Stage 2 Camshafts$53.96 - $464.36 $122.95-$515.95Save Up to 90%saleBBR Motorsports Big Bore Piston KitBBR Motorsports Big Bore Piston Kit$119.65 - $159.55 $125.95-$167.95Save Up to 29%saleZeta Oil Filler PlugZeta Oil Filler Plug$11.66 - $20.95 $12.95Save Up to 9%
salePro Circuit Water Pump Cover WIth ImpellerPro Circuit Water Pump Cover WIth Impeller$189.95 - $239.95 $199.95-$239.95Save Up to 21%saleAcerbis X-Power Ignition And Clutch Cover KitAcerbis X-Power Ignition And Clutch Cover Kit$43.99 - $57.81 $67.95Save Up to 36%
saleZeta Engine PlugsZeta Engine Plugs$14.36 - $27.86 $15.95-$30.95Save Up to 54%
saleHot Rods Complete Bottom End Rebuild KitHot Rods Complete Bottom End Rebuild Kit$175.96 - $651.16 $219.95-$813.95Save Up to 79%
saleVertex 4-Stroke Piston KitVertex 4-Stroke Piston Kit$94.01 - $291.51 $117.65-$342.95Save Up to 73%saleComplete Gasket KitComplete Gasket Kit$14.36 - $263.99 $15.95-$233.95Save Up to 94%saleVertex 2-Stroke Piston KitVertex 2-Stroke Piston Kit$56.06 - $215.01 $65.95-$252.95Save Up to 78%saleWorks Connection EZ oil Drain SystemWorks Connection EZ oil Drain System$44.95saleAcerbis Radiator LouversAcerbis Radiator Louvers$33.99 $39.95Save Up to 16%saleHot Rods Main Bearing And Seal KitHot Rods Main Bearing And Seal Kit$19.76 - $124.16 $21.95-$137.95Save Up to 87%saleHot Rods Water Pump Rebuild KitHot Rods Water Pump Rebuild Kit$20.66 - $82.76 $22.95-$91.95Save Up to 79%saleHot Rods Connecting Rod KitHot Rods Connecting Rod Kit$30.56 - $336.56 $114.95-$373.95Save Up to 92%salePro X Stainless Steel Exhaust Valve And Spring KitPro X Stainless Steel Exhaust Valve And Spring Kit$119.58 - $132.88 $157.34-$174.84Save Up to 32%saleWorks Connection Engine Oil DipstickWorks Connection Engine Oil Dipstick$39.95 - $44.95saleWorks Connection Engine PlugWorks Connection Engine Plug$29.95 - $54.95salePC Racing Flo Oil FiltersPC Racing Flo Oil Filters$26.99 - $139.95 $29.95-$154.99Save Up to 84%
saleCV4 Hose KitCV4 Hose Kit$54.99 - $233.99 $112.00-$261.99Save Up to 80%saleHot Cams 8.90 mm Diameter Valve Shim KitHot Cams 8.90 mm Diameter Valve Shim Kit$70.16 $77.95Save Up to 10%saleKTM Fan KitKTM Fan Kit$124.99saleEnduro Engineering HiFloFiltro Replacement Oil FilterEnduro Engineering HiFloFiltro Replacement Oil Filter$3.67 - $7.79 $4.08-$8.65Save Up to 63%

Dirt Bike and Motocross Engine Components

Every part and system on your dirt bike is vital to its performance and safety, but the engine is the most critical of all. Maybe you’ve been experiencing engine problems that threaten to sideline you, or you need dirt bike and motocross engine components to upgrade or rebuild your machine. Shopping Chaparral Motorsports is a smart move. We’re your source for OEM parts, dirt bike aftermarket parts, and dirt bike engine components sourced from trusted industry manufacturers and available at everyday low prices.

From piston kits and engine gaskets to bearings, seals, and cylinder heads, Chaparral has you covered. Shop our selection of dirt bike engine parts from brands like Wiseco, Yamaha, Hot Rods and Cylinder Works. As part of the All Balls Racing Group family, Cylinder Works is a top supplier of OEM quality cylinders for dirt bike and motocross engines. Wiseco specializes in high-performance parts, including pistons and rings. That’s just a short list, but you get the idea. Our dirt bike aftermarket parts come from manufacturers with the innovation and expertise to deliver power, dependability, and performance.

You came to Chaparral for dirt bike parts and gear, but don’t forget that we stock motorcycle tires, parts and accessories for every riding style. Equip your cruiser, ATV or adventure bike machine and save with the best deals plus fast, low-cost shipping to your front door.

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