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Continental Conti Classic Attack Radial Front Tire

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Continental Conti Classic Attack Radial Front Tire
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Continental Conti Classic Attack Radial Front Tire

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The Continental Conti Classic Attack motorcycle tire is a radial tire developed for classic cruisers and street bikes. The revolutionary MultiGrip compound provides the benefits of a multi-compound tire with a fluid, continuous transition between the grip of the flexible shoulder area and the mileage boost of the wear resistant central tread area. Add in TractionSkin tread surface, for an extremely safe and short tire break-in, and you have a modern classic.


  • Excellent mileage due to up-to-date compound technology
  • MultiGrip Technology controls the properties of a single compound to deliver the benefits of a multi-compound tire without the abrupt transition between the different compounds
  • Attains excellent grip and mileage with a continuous transition between the grip of the flexible shoulder area and the mileage boost of the wear resistant central tread area
  • 0 degree steel belt radial construction for high stability at high speeds and direct feedback when braking into and accelerating out of curves
  • Improved radial carcass construction for easy handling and high stability
  • TractionSkin raw tread surface provides mechanical adhesion to the road and offers an extremely safe and short tire running in time
  • Revolutionary micro-rough tread surface virtually puts an end to tire break-in, due to a mold coating technology which eliminates the need for tire release agents
  • Innovative tread pattern design for even wear and good water dispersement
  • Extraordinary light handling with outstanding grip and curve stability
  • Exceptional control of riding performance and optimal feedback
  • Perfect grip under all weather conditions, also in wet and cold
  • Enhances and sharpens handling of a vintage/classic street bike designed to run on bias ply tires to the level of a modern radial tire motorcycle
  • This motorcycle tire is tubeless
  • These cruiser motorcycle tires are V rated for speeds up to 149 mph


Note: Wheel sold separately.

Available in the following motorcycle tire sizes: 90/90R-18 and 100/90R-19


Tire Position
Classic Attack
Model Name for Gear
Classic Attack

Item Numbers

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Details:  100/90R-19 Item #329-0090 Availability:In stock: Ready to shipStore Pickup:Unavailable
Details:  90/90R-18 Item #329-0091 Availability:In stock: Ready to shipStore Pickup:Available


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1 review
1 Review
Continental Classic Attacks excellent
This is a review for the Continental Classic Attack tires. I have them on a 1985 BMW R80 naked bike with no fairing, but occasionally with pannier luggage. I've used the bike for day trips, and I have lent it to my son to take to college in Atlanta, where it's seen city use and what I would consider tough pavement and steel plates in the roads. The tires are unusual because they are a modern tire design, made in smaller sizes to fit older bikes. They are radial, not bias, ply tires and can be mounted tubeless. I mounted them by hand and they were more difficult to mount - to get over the rim - than other tires I've used. Setting the bead on a tubeless rim was not a problem. I think the tight fit made that part easier. To balance, I needed 3/8 oz on the front and 1/4 on the rear. In about 3000 miles of use, the wear is minimal - so I'm expecting that modern rubber compounds make these long lasting, but I have not measured the life and cannot yet comment on how they perform when significantly worn. The pictures below are taken as I post this review, with the ~3000 miles shown. My previous tires were Metzler Lasertec, which is a popular bias ply tire for my brand of bike, and they exhibited what I would call abrupt behavior in corners once the rear tire starts to square off. Otherwise I think the Metzlers are stable and very good tires. In comparison, I find that Classic Attack tires have more grip and better response. They stop in shorter distances, and grip better corners, and seem to me to have less trouble holding the road (less slipping) when the corners have leaves, sand, or other debris. Cornering is smooth and predictable - and an improvement from my old tires, which were squared off on the rear, but still had decent tread on the front. Similarly, the Classic Attacks seem to do much better on steel road plates - especially when they are wet. I consider the steel plates a difficult test for wet road handling. They've also shown excellent durability hitting potholes and steel pate edges, without tearing cords or developing bruises. They never lose any grip on acceleration - but the bike is not that powerful at about 50hp/41ft-lb. Steering responsiveness is quicker than the previous tires and requires modestly less input for the same cornering. At first I found this made me more tense - because it seemed less controlled and more likely to wander compared to the previous tires. That is no longer an issue for me, and I've grown accustomed to the higher level of responsiveness. I don't ride this bike off road, and have had only limited experience on dirt roads that were dry packed gravel/clay (in GA) with some sections with loose gravel. Dry GA dirt roads with well packed gravel are more like pavement than other dirt road surfaces, and I found that the Classic Attack were also somewhat better on this surface than the previous tires, and gave me a better level of confidence. This may be another attribute to radial tires. Ride and comfort are excellent, and they bike has what I would call a soft suspension. The tires seem to work well for this set up. Riding solo and with 2 large panniers only makes modest changes in the handling, and I'd say that these tires are "about the same" compared with the old tires with and without the extra weight on the rear. Wet traction is excellent, and easily better than the previous tires. I would not have guess this from the tread pattern, but these tires do not hydroplane nearly as easily as the Lasertecs did - even with fewer groves and channels in the tread. In summary, I find the overall characteristics of the Continental Classic Attack excellent and a noticeable improvement over the Metzler Lasertec I have been using up to now. Once worn out I plan to go with this tire again on the 1985 BMW R80, and I plan to try these tires (if I can get the proper sizes) on my 1975 Honda CB550K, which has a much sportier suspension. I would recommend these tires for BMW airheads without hesitation.
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