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Bridgestone Battlax T30 EVO Rear Tire

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Bridgestone Battlax T30 EVO Rear Tire
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Bridgestone Battlax T30 EVO Rear Tire

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Bridgestone Battlax T30 EVO radial street bike tires bring you the best of both worlds: the safety and durability of a touring tire and the exhilaration of real sportbike performance. Quick response, outstanding stability, neutral handling characteristics, superb line-holding abilities... this tire has everything you need to find your line and ride it in deep. The Battlax T30 EVO takes the already acclaimed sports precision of the Battlax T30 sport touring tire and adds outstanding wet weather grip and performance - it is the sport touring radial tire which achieves the ultimate combination of fun, safety, and easy to ride.


  • Takes the already acclaimed sports precision of the Bridgestone Battlax T30 sport touring radial tire and adds outstanding wet weather grip and performance
  • Delivers even more traction and control, particularly on wet surfaces
  • Quick response and outstanding stability with neutral handling characteristics and superb line-holding abilities
  • 3LC, Silica Rich, RC Polymer, MS-Belt, HTSPC, and Nano Pro-Tech technologies used to achieve high levels of all around performance
  • 3 Layer Compound (3LC) dual compound technology provides outstanding grip performance and high mileage wear by putting the right compound in the right part of the tread
  • Special center strip compound delivers excellent traction on wet surfaces without sacrificing dry performance or wear life
  • Silica Rich reinforced compound combined with a RC Polymer (assists silica effect and controls rubber properties) enhances wet performance and wear life in all temperatures
  • Mono-Spiral Belt (MS-Belt) construction dampens shock and noise for a comfortable ride, even at high speeds
  • High Tensile Super Penetrated Cord (HTSPC) increases flexibility, reduces heat generation, and provides stability without deteriorating shock absorption
  • Re-engineered tread pattern with sub-grooves improves water channeling within the contact patch for enhanced wet grip
  • Curved, outward facing grooves create a wider rib along the center strip for increased stiffness and stability while accelerating
  • Increased contact area, relative to lean angle, boosts cornering grip for faster, safer and more stable cornering, even in the wet
  • Mixes real sportbike performance with the durability and reliability of a premium touring tire
  • The thrill of sports performance in the durable, hard-wearing package of a touring tire
  • Safety and durability of a touring tire combined with the exhilaration of real sports performance
  • This motorcycle tire is tubeless
  • These sport touring motorcycle tires are W rated for speeds up to 168 mph


Available in the following motorcycle tire sizes: 150/70ZR-17, 160/60ZR-17, 160/70ZR-17, 180/55ZR-17, 190/50ZR-17, 190/55ZR-17, and 160/60ZR-18


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Item Numbers

Details Item Number Availability Store Pickup
Details:  160/60ZR-18 Item #330-005200 Availability:In stock: Ready to shipStore Pickup:Available
Details:  160/70ZR-17 Item #330-005201 Availability:In stock: Ready to shipStore Pickup:Available
Details:  190/50ZR-17 Item #330-005206 Availability:In stock: Ready to shipStore Pickup:Available
Details:  190/55ZR-17 Item #330-005208 Availability:In stock: Ready to shipStore Pickup:Available
Details:  160/60ZR-17 Item #330-0133 Availability:In stock: Ready to shipStore Pickup:Available
Details:  180/55ZR-17 Item #330-0134 Availability:In stock: Ready to shipStore Pickup:Available


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Average Rating:
5 reviews
5 Reviews
Reliable and Predictable
I have a 2001 Suzuki SV650S. I've only had Bridgestones on them as they have not given me any reason to try something else. The T30 EVOs have been reliable and predictable. It's been used for commuting and spirited backroad riding with twisties. They have been through long distance touring, such as a ride from San Diego to Homer Alaska, through all sorts of weather conditions, except snow, during late October/early November. Nothing amazed me more than being able to do that ride without a flat, being able to ride over dirt and gravel for long periods, and still throw in several spirited rides on that trip. I love them because I never found myself worrying about tires. I trust the Bridgestone brand.
Definitely Yes
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This is my all time favorite rear tire
These are my go to rear tires for sport motorcycles. They warm up very quickly, they have a very hard center compound (which helps with tire lifespan), and they handle corners confidently. It holds well under heavy acceleration. The profile is very predictable through turns. I never feel uneasy on these tires (as I have on PR4's PR3's or Metzlers), I can lean my bike over much further without ever worrying about slip. I can really feel the tire gripping the pavement even at the very sides of the tread. Although these are excellent dry weather tires the tread pattern isn't well suited for rain, I feel confident in wet conditions, but not secure. Most recently I had some PR4s specifically for the rainy season (but it didn't rain at all for the life of the tire) and appreciated all the sipes and drainage. Whereas the Bridgestones have large sections of flat rubber with a few tread lines for water drainage. This explains the VASTLY superior dry road performance since there is more rubber in contact with the road. I've used this as my rear tire for my last 5 or 6 changes and they last over 10ooo miles for a rear. I am very pleased. I've used Bridgestone s20s before, and with my riding style (usually calm commuting with occasional weekend rides through the twisties) I didn't notice any difference in grip, but I certainly noticed a difference in tire lifespan. This is my all time favorite rear tire. They last very long, upwards of 16ooo miles. I usually replace these due to the wavy wear pattern long before the tread reaches the wear indicators
Definitely Yes
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Long Lasting Sport Touring Tire
The Bridgestone Batlax tire has worn evenly and has great grip in wet and dry conditions on my V-strom 650. It is wearing much slower than expected probably due to the bias ply material. It was a bit difficult to mount but I am used to mounting tires to vintage bikes and not a modern sport bike tire. I have taken this tire to the very edge of the sides and it grips all the way through. If it does cut loose it is gradual and predictable and has only done it a few times when I have been a bit too aggressive with the throttle through a turn. I would recommend this tire to someone looking for a longer lasting sport touring tire.
Definitely Yes
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Best Sport-Touring Tire Money Can Buy
I have over 10k miles on a set of T30 Evo's on my Triumph Tiger Explorer. For the price (Bridgestone typically offers rebates) I believe this is one of the best sport-touring tires you can buy right now. The tire's neutral profile makes slow-speed-turn-in very predictable and controlled (which is excellent on a top heavy ADV styled bike). In the dry, it excels when pushed at the limit and its stiff carcass provides excellent road feel. While there are better wet-weather tires out there (cough Michelin cough) this sport-tourer will still get you through some heavy rainfall just fine but without the confidence and sure-footedness of a certain competitor. If you only stick to the road and see little rainfall, I simply cannot recommend a better performing tire for the price. Note: at 7k miles I swapped my rear for a new T30 Evo as it was at the wear-bars. The front had more than 50% wear at 7k miles so I am expecting 14k miles on 1 front and 2 rears on a heavy ADV bike. YMMV.
Definitely Yes
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Best ST tire ever
This is my favorite street tire. They are a huge improvement to the already excellent BT023. They last a long time and have plenty street grip wet or dry. If you don't do track days really sporty tires just waste your money IMHO. I've used several sets of T30s on my 2014 Ninja 1000 and this set is going on my new 2016 FZ09. Wait until they are on sale and buy some. You will love them.
Definitely Yes
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5 Reviews