Kuryakyn Brakes

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This ergonomic pedal is 1" wider than stock and features a brilliant chrome finish to coordinate with our other Trident line accessories. Direct replacement for the OEM brake pedal....
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Replace your stock brake cover with a chrome & rubber two-piece clam-shell cover that surrounds the end of your brake pedal and covers the coarse & jagged surface. Use with your stock foot pegs and floorboards or pair with ISO®-Pegs or Floorboards to complete the look. Secured with two socket head screws & then locked in place by two set screws....
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◆ A slick little chrome and rubber clam-shell cover that replaces the stock rubber pad on brake pedals ◆ Sold individually ...
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This chrome Reservoir Cover is an eye-catching replacement that really perks up the master cylinder area. Add our gold Condor Emblem for a distinct touch....
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Used by themselves or as a complement to our other caliper accessories, these little jewels transform the unfinished bleeder screws and banjo bolts on stock calipers into glistening chrome....
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This wicked-looking Caliper Cover installs in minutes. No tools required. Add our Brake Bleeder Screw Cover and our Banjo Bolt Cover for a complete chrome look!...
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◆ Transforms the lower front end by concealing visible brake rotor and caliper ◆ Contoured and sculpted custom styling ◆ Easy to install or remove for required maintenance ...
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◆ Direct replacement for the O.E.M reservoir cap, with the additional benefit of covering the rear master cylinder and sleeve for an ultra clean look. Made from quality die cast aluminum with incorporated sight hole to monitor fluid level. ◆   ◆ Constructed from quality die cast aluminum ◆ Direct replacement for O.E.M reservoir cap ◆ Incorporated s...
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◆ An inexpensive, fast, and easy way to completely finish chroming your hand controls! The Clutch Perch is a complete chrome replacement unit that has been beefed up to complement the brawny look of an Harley Davidson. ◆ The Master Cylinder Cover dresses up the reservoir and covers the entire visible hand brake bracket assembly with a lush layer of glistening chrome ◆...
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◆ Finish off that rear brake with our pure custom looking Rear Caliper Cover ◆ You won't believe the difference ...
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◆ Class up and clean up your master cylinder and front motor area ◆ Simply stick on the chrome cover, bolt on the chrome shroud, and get a clean finished look in minutes ...
13 Items
Kuryakyn is one of the top sources of motorcycle accessories and aftermarket parts. It was founded in 1989 and since then has produced quality gear meant for dedicated motorcycle fans. Innovation keeps the brand at work on new products to enhance the motorcycle experience, with a sense of adventure that helps it keep up with its customers. Kuryakyn grips come in unique, striking patterns with names like Zombie and Transformer, providing an affordable way to customize a motorcycle for both comfort and style. Kuryakyn also offers accessories ranging from device mounts, luggage racks, saddlebag covers and flag mounts. Get the most out of your machine with these durable parts meant specifically for motorsports.