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Yamaha WR250F

All-New 2020 WR250F Headlines Yamaha’s September Introduction
September 4, 2019
CYamaha Motor Corporation, USA, today introduced the remainder of the company’s 2020 Dirt Motorcycle models, headlined by an all-new WR250F Enduro machine. Along with the return of the larger-displacement WR450F, this introduction completes the 2020 Yamaha Dirt Motorcycle lineup. Welcome to the victorYZone Yamaha Off-Road competition bikes offer the very... Read More
Tech Tip: Installing Flo Motorsports Pro 160 Dirt Bike Levers
June 29, 2018
From skimming across high speed ruts and withstanding the hard jolts of casing a jump, to banging off the occasional tree or rock dirt bikes are designed and built to take a lot of abuse. It’s amazing how sometimes you can take a high speed tumble with the bike even... Read More
We Teach Suburban Delinquent How To Ride A Motocross Track
June 18, 2018
Do you remember the first time you rode on a dirt bike track? The anticipation as you tossed on all your motocross gear. The excitement as you fired the bike to life.  The nerves as you rolled towards the entrance of the track. Learning to ride a dirt bike out... Read More
Tech Tip: Pro Taper Hour Meter Install
June 15, 2018
Unlike your car or truck that has an odometer to tell you how many miles are on your vehicle or how far you’ve traveled, most stock dirt bikes don’t have any method or keeping track of how many miles you’ve ridden. Actually, most dirt bike riders aren’t so concerned with... Read More
Suburban Delinquent Meets His New Yamaha WR250F
May 26, 2018
If you haven’t heard we have teamed up with southern California motovlogger Suburban Delinquent as he ventures off the beaten path of street riding and tries his skills at dirt biking. SubD  as many like to call him has started a new YouTube channel called Extra Delinquent where he will... Read More
Chaparral Motorsports is Going Dirt Biking With Suburban Delinquent
May 25, 2018
Chaparral Motorsports recently partnered with popular YouTube motovlogger Suburban Delinquent and is sponsoring his offroad adventures on a Yamaha WR250F. SubD is a highly experienced street rider and has logged tens of thousands of miles on his Suzuki GSXR 750 (he’s hoping to hit 100K), but what he doesn’t have... Read More
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