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Tech Tips: How To Install A Holeshot Device Presented By Vital MX
May 16, 2018
A motocross race can be won or lost at the start. If you get a bad start you’ll either be fighting to survive the first turn from mid-pack or if you’re at the tail end you’ll  be charging hard to pass everyone and make up valuable time. One of the... Read More
How To: Clutch Plate Replacement Presented By Vital MX
May 16, 2018
Without healthy clutch plates your dirt bike won’t be performing as it should, or worse yet, it won’t be performing at all. There’s a couple way to tell if you are in need of servicing your dirt bike clutch. You may notice that the engagement or feel at the clutch... Read More
Tech Tips: How-To Replace Your Rear Brake Pads Presented By Vital MX
May 14, 2018
Every dirt bike has certain parts that get worn down and need to be replaced, such as the tires and brake pads. Depending on how you ride and how hard you are on your brakes your dirt bike brake pads should last for quite some time. It’s easy to check... Read More
Make Your Dirt Bike YOUR Dirt Bike
October 25, 2011
A Quick Buyer's Guide To Customizing Your Dirt Bike When I was a kid, about eight years old, I put stickers on everything. In fact, there was a sticker factory about a mile from my house. My buddies and I would ravage through the company's dumpster for any and every... Read More
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