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maintenance tips

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DIY Tire Change: It’s Not As Difficult As You Think
November 10, 2015
You can save quite a bit of money by doing most of your own service and maintenance work on your motorcycle. Sure, more in-depth things like full engine rebuilds may be beyond most people’s skill level and should be left to the professionals, but thing like oil changes and brake... Read More
Understanding The Basics Of Two-Stroke And Four-Stroke Engine Oil
November 10, 2015
Each dirt bike requires its own unique type of engine oil. Understanding which blend of oil to use for your dirt bike does not have to be hard. Instead, you just simply have to think about the variations of your bike and what type of engine you're using. Two-Stroke Oil... Read More
Big Time Braking: Installing Galfer’s Oversized Rotor Kit
November 9, 2015
[schema type="chaparralproduct" url="http://www.chaparral-racing.com/product/galfer-oversize-wave-offroad-rotor-kit/319-8989.aspx" name="Galfer Oversize Wave Offroad Rotor Kit" image="319-8989" imagesize="125" price="260.99" alignment="right" ]When it comes to making performance improvements to their motorcycles, most owners will often focus on the engine or swapping drivetrain components like the sprockets. The majority of people want things like faster top speed, improved hole... Read More
What To Do When Your Dirt Bike Won't Start
October 24, 2015
There's nothing more disappointing than gearing up for a day of tearing up the track only to find out that your dirt bike won't start. Your prized possession's problems probably aren't too serious, so go through a short checklist of probable false-start causes will most likely expose any engine issues... Read More
Winterizing Tips For Dirt Bikes Or ATVs
October 14, 2015
If you're up north, you'll probably be getting ready to stow your dirt bike, street bike, or ATV away for the oncoming winter. Before you toss a cover over the top, we have a few extra winterizing tips you might check so as to ensure a clean start up next... Read More
Break In Your New Dirt Bike Before You Hit The Trail
August 7, 2015
2016 KTM 450 SX-F - Photo: S. Romero Buying a new dirt bike can be an exciting time and you most likely are eager to hit the tracks right away. However, if you take your bike directly from the showroom onto the trail, you might have some challenges or even... Read More
5 Things To Consider With Your Dirt Bike's Suspension
July 7, 2015
Your dirt bike's suspension is one of the most important things to tune and work with to help you feel more comfortable on dirt or rugged terrain. Your suspension can affect your tires, fork, shocks, chain drive and wheels. The better and more maintained the suspension is on your bike... Read More
5 Things You Need To Know About Your Motorcycle Tires
May 23, 2015
Most motorcyclists know their tires are an extremely important part of their ride, but how much do riders truly know? As a rider, you were most likely taught early to keep enough air in your tires and to inspect them before you take to the road. However, there's a lot... Read More
Tips On How To Clean Your Dirt Bike The Right Way
May 21, 2015
After a muddy and fun-filled day on the dirt track, your motorcycle might be absolutely filthy. Washing your dirt bike can seem like a nightmare with the amount of mud covering it, but the process is actually very important to keep your bike lasting. Many riders simply want to head... Read More
How To Check Your Motorcycle's Brake Pads For Replacement
March 20, 2015
One of the most important parts of your motorcycle you need to rely on are its brakes, because the second they go, you can't stop. It's critical to maintain, repair and replace your bike's brake pads as needed to ensure each time you are out on the road, your ride... Read More
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