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Tech Tips: Replacing and Bleeding Brake Lines Presented by Vital MX
June 8, 2018
Of all the things people regularly check and maintain on their dirt bike, the brake fluid is extremely vital but often overlooked. In order to ride fast you have to be able to stop fast and burnt brake fluid or leaking brake lines won’t cut it. If you’re going to... Read More
Tech Tips: How-To Replace Your Rear Brake Pads Presented By Vital MX
May 14, 2018
Every dirt bike has certain parts that get worn down and need to be replaced, such as the tires and brake pads. Depending on how you ride and how hard you are on your brakes your dirt bike brake pads should last for quite some time. It’s easy to check... Read More
Tech Tips: How-To Install A Galfer Oversized Brake Rotor Kit Presented by Vital MX
May 14, 2018
If you’re serious about racing dirt bikes, then you probably know that being able to stop or slow down quickly is equally as important as riding fast. Most of the time the majority of your braking is going to be applied to the front brake, and to help improve overall... Read More
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