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electric scooters

KTM Announces Release Of New Electric Scooters
April 24, 2013
The KTM E-Speed electric scooters will be introduced 2015. Although KTM recently reported that it would scale back production of its electric bikes, the brand has confirmed the launch of two new machines. The Freeride E and E-Speed scooters will be introduced in 2014 and 2015, respectively, and aim to... Read More
KTM Turns Attention To New Electric Scooter
March 26, 2013
2013 KTM E-Speed Concept Electric Scooter - Photo: Schedl R. KTM recently unveiled its new E-Speed electric scooter concept at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show. The machine is the second electric model from the manufacturer and aims to bring an environmentally friendly form of transportation to the world of urban sportbikes... Read More
New Proposal Calls For Minimum Sound Requirements In Electric Vehicles
January 9, 2013
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has proposed setting a federal standard that would require all electric vehicles to have minimum sound levels in order to alert pedestrians of their approach. Read More
Electric Motorcycle Tax Breaks Extended
January 4, 2013
The nation breathed a sigh of relief when the news broke that the U.S. government had passed legislation avoiding the dreaded "fiscal cliff," but motorcycle riders may have rejoiced for another reason. Read More
Daimler And Vectrix To Produce eScooters
December 4, 2012
Daimler, the well-known automobile manufacturer, is joining forces with Vectrix to create an electric scooter as part of the Smart brand. Read More
Electric Motorcycle Tax Credit May Be Extended
August 4, 2012
Buyers of on-road electric motorcycles would continue to be eligible for up to a $2,500 tax credit under a bill approved by the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, the American Motorcyclist Association reports. On Aug. 2, the panel approved bipartisan legislation extending dozens of tax breaks, including language offered by U.S... Read More
BMW Unveils C Evolution Electric Scooter At London Olympics
July 31, 2012
German automaker BMW is using the London Olympics as the staging ground for the launch of its C Evolution electric scooter prototype, announcing that selected individuals will be able to ride the anticipated models at the games, two years ahead of their projected sales date. Read More
Sway Electric Tricycle Allows Riders To Lean Into Turns
May 1, 2012
For those who have never been on a motorcycle before, balancing the bike on two-wheels can be a bit intimidating. In fact, those who buy scooters can even have trouble with this riding style. Read More
Evolve Motorcycles Announces Three New Electric Scooters
October 7, 2011
Scooters are a popular alternative to street bikes and other vehicles, especially in the city, as they tend to use far less gasoline and cost substantially less than other two-wheeled vehicles. They're also pretty convenient when you want to go to an area where parking a car would be nearly... Read More
August 24, 2011
The electric scooter and motorcycle industry has exploded, with tons of companies popping up that are now offering a wide range of models powered by electric motors. However, nobody is quite sure yet what the electric vehicles of the future may look like. The start-up company FlyKly believes it has... Read More
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