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dirt bike wheels

5 Maintenance Tasks Dirt Bike Riders Forget To Do
April 26, 2018
We all know there are basic maintenance tasks that should be regularly performed to keep a dirt bike in good running order, things like changing the oil, inspecting the tires for wear and proper air pressure, and lubing your chain. However, there are certain steps we often overlook or forget... Read More
2018 Chaparral Motorsports 25” ATV Tire Shootout Part 3: The Best Tires For Specific Tasks
March 27, 2018
Welcome to part three of our 25” ATV Tire Shootout for 2018. Today we will be digging in, taking a look at which of the tires we tested are best suited for specific tasks or job duties.Ocel To catch you up, in the previous two articles, we discussed the tests... Read More
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