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The Right Tires for the Job: Different Types of Motorcycle Tires
October 31, 2017
Not all motorcycle tires are created equal. Sure they are all round, and unlike automotive tires, have a curved profile to make it easier for the rider to lean in and out of corners, but where one motorcycle tire differs from the next is in their design and intended use... Read More
Do Motorcycle Tires Expire?  A Guide to Tire Date Codes
September 26, 2017
Much like a good beer, all tires are stamped with a Born On Date at time of manufacturing. Also like beer, tires have an expected shelf life and they both age very differently on an uncontrolled shelf versus in a temperature-controlled environment. When the new rubber you ordered from www.ChapMoto.com... Read More
Suzuki Introduces the New 2018 RM-Z450
June 29, 2017
Nobody likes to wait for a new motorcycle to be announced, especially if you're a hardcore dirt bike fanatic who wants their favorite bike to be as up-to-date stylistically and performance-wise as possible. Therefore you can imagine the angst and frustration Suzuki RM-Z450 fans must have been experiencing for the... Read More
Bridgestone  Announces New Battlecruise H50 Motorcycle Tires for American V-Twins
October 24, 2016
Bridgestone recently announced the launch of its new line of motorcycle tires engineered exclusively to fit many popular and iconic American V-twin motorcycles. The Battlecruise H50 tire, the first of its kind from Bridgestone, expands the company’s motorcycle tire portfolio with a performance tire offering that is specially designed for... Read More
Know Your Motorcycle Tires: Part III
March 31, 2015
For sportsbike riders, your choice in tires can depend on several different things.With the plethora of tires to choose from, it might not be easy to find your next brand without hours of research. However, in the third part of our series, Know Your Motorcycle Tires, we'll take a look... Read More
Know Your Motorcycle Tires: Part I
March 25, 2015
The tires on your motorcycle can enhance your control and comfort depending on which model you choose. There are numerous tires available for sportsbikes to either help you grip and stick closer to the track or have a more relaxed ride on the street. Choosing a tire for your sportsbike... Read More
Tips On How To Maintain Motorcycle Tires
February 1, 2015
Motorcycle tire maintenance is an important aspect to owning a bike, and neglecting your wheels could not only put your ride in danger, but yourself as well. Each tire has its own specific needs and maintenance requirements. It's up to you to make sure your tires are in the best... Read More
Dunlop vs Bridgestone: Decoding Motorcycle Tires
May 2, 2014
The motorcycle tires you choose are one of the most important investments you can make when working on a motorcycle. Whether it is for a competition motocross bike, an all out sportbike, or a classic cruiser, you need your tires to grip the road/track and last as long as possible... Read More
Bridgestone T-30 Sport Touring Tires Offer Strength, Durability
January 31, 2014
A sport touring motorcycle requires a special blend of capabilities. The bike must be strong and nimble enough to traverse in and out of traffic while also crossing long distances, and it has to accomplish that without sacrificing comfort and safety. It is a unique type of riding, and as... Read More
Looking Ahead To The Bridgestone Indianapolis Grand Prix
August 16, 2013
Summer is still going on, but MotoGP's seasonal break has finally come to an end. After several weeks off, some of the world's top racers are getting back into action at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indiana. The U.S. circuit will host the 10th round of the motorsports series, and... Read More
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