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How To Diagnose Motorcycle Electrical Problems
March 5, 2020
It happens at the most inopportune time: You go to start your motorcycle only to have it sputter out a protest before dying. Is it the motorcycle battery, or could it be the regulator? If you have a newer bike, you likely have more intricate wiring than you’re used to... Read More
How To Prevent Motorcycle Exhaust Bluing
February 21, 2020
A common problem that motorcycle riders face is exhaust bluing. This is when the motorcycle exhaust pipe turns a shade of blue. Many motorcycle riders are a bit perplexed by this phenomenon, as it seems to happen for no reason at all. Of course, there is a reason, and it... Read More
How To Break in Your Motorcycle Engine
February 18, 2020
Whether you have purchased a new bike or just completed an engine rebuild, many experts recommend breaking in a motorcycle engine. New components generate a high degree of friction as they have not adapted to one another. Gradually breaking in the engine controls the initial amount of friction as the... Read More
DIY: How to Remove The Fuel Tank From a Fuel Injected Dirt Bike
June 25, 2019
While modern technology has helped make dirt bikes perform better these advancements have also made bikes a bit more difficult to work on. These complexities can be a bit intimidating for some people to the point where they don’t want to perform the same mechanical or maintenance tasks on their... Read More
New 2020 Kawasaki KX 250
June 18, 2019
The Kawasaki KX™250 has more AMA motocross and supercross success than any other manufacturer in its class and returns for 2020 with a list of enhancements that are designed to keep it the best performing bike on the track. The 2020 model offers a new engine with improvements inspired by Kawasaki’s racing efforts for more top end power, as well as... Read More
Fly Racing Cooling Vest
May 9, 2019
Summer is typically when most motorcycle riders spend the majority of time on their bikes. Whether it’s taking advantage of the extended daylight hours commuting back and forth from work, or spending days on end burning up miles traveling across scenic highways there’s no better time to ride than summer... Read More
How to Maintain and Properly Charge Your Motorcycle Battery
April 16, 2019
After a long and treacherous winter, spring has finally come and the warmer weather has helped the colder parts of the country thaw out. That means it’s time to rouse your motorcycle from its long winter’s nap. The big question is, will your bike, or better yet your motorcycle battery... Read More
How to Mount a Phone onto a Motorcycle
December 26, 2018
Our cell phones have become so important in our lives it’s hard to imagine a situation where you wouldn’t want your phone readily available at a moment’s notice. Yes, even while riding a motorcycle your smart phone can be very handy. From providing traffic updates to giving your directions to... Read More
Your 7 Step Guide To Washing and Shining Your Motorcycle
December 11, 2018
Washing your motorcycle isn't just important for maintaining your bike's overall appearance – it's also important for maintaining its overall integrity. Your bike comes into contact with road debris and possibly corrosive substances, such as salt and oil, on a daily basis. You can prevent the body from corroding prematurely... Read More
How to Adjust Motorcycle Setup
December 7, 2018
Make it Yours: How to Setup and Adjust a Motorcycle to Suit You The second greatest joy to owning a motorcycle besides riding it is customizing it. Whether it’s for style, performance, comfort, or all of the above, there are a myriad ways to customize a motorcycle. However, no matter... Read More
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