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2019 Chaparral Motorsports Monster Parking Lot Sale
September 11, 2019
Can you feel it Southern California? There’s a Monster rumbling about and it’s ready to take over Chaparral Motorsports at the 33rd annual Chaparral Motorsports Monster Parking Lot Sale on Saturday October 5th. Grab your pumpkin spice lattes, your Monster Energy, or whatever octane booster you need because it’s going... Read More
So Many Options: Shinko 777 Motorcycle Tires
September 5, 2019
Everyone likes to have options no matter what the situation is. From choosing between a pair of Nikes or Reeboks to deciding whether you want chocolate, vanilla, or peanut butter crunch ice cream, having a choice means you can get what you want rather than settling for what’s available. When... Read More
Yoshimura Introduces High Mount Universal Turn Signal Bracket
August 26, 2019
The perfect solution to mounting turn signals on bikes with a high mount exhaust and the Yoshimura Fender Eliminator. Used with Yoshimura's LED signals (072BGLTSFK) or other M8 /  5/16 mounted signals, these brackets nest the turn signals nice and high, keeping them out of the way of the hot... Read More
Speed and Strength 2020 Motorcycle Gear
August 20, 2019
Most people choose to ride motorcycles because they’re sleek, bold, sexy, aggressive, and fun. Speed and Strength follows these same ideals when it comes to creating their motorcycle gear. Continually pushing the limits of style Speed and Strength stands apart with its fresh take on motorcycle jackets, helmet designs, and... Read More
Vented Motorcycle Jackets
August 12, 2019
While we’re nearing the end of summer, there’s still plenty of scorching temperature days ahead which means motorcycle riding in hot weather. With its long daylight hours Summer riding can be great, as long as you have the proper riding gear—most importantly a vented motorcycle jacket. Just like there’s a... Read More
Rolling Smoke: This Indian Motorcycle Feeds Your Adrenalin and Appetite
August 1, 2019
You have to have peculiar taste to really enjoy looking at theme bikes. However, in the case of this particular motorcycle the theme delivers high on the taste scale, especially if you’re a fan of billowy smokeouts that result in delicious slow smoked meats. With the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally serving... Read More
Yoshimura Introduces Honda Grom  RS-9T High Mount Race Series System
July 19, 2019
When it comes to the Honda Grom (MSX125), Yoshimura has had it covered from the day this small bore bike landed on our shores. Introducing the ultimate racing exhaust system, the RS-9T high mount for the 2017-20 Honda Grom. Crafted in Full titanium made from premium grade Japanese titanium for... Read More
2020 Yamaha R1M Features and Specs
July 17, 2019
In order to be successful at any job you need the right tools. Yamaha knows this all to well and that's why they refuse to sit still when it comes to their premier performance supersport motorcycles, the R1M and the R1. The R1M is designed for hard core track and... Read More
2020 Yamaha R1 Features and Specs
July 17, 2019
In the continual journey to deliver the utmost in performance, technology, handling, and ridabilty, Yamaha has once again turned it's attention to its flagship sport bike, the Yamaha YZF-R1. The new R1 features a host of improvements that will ensure the model continues to reign the streets and canyons as... Read More
Yamaha Unveils New 2020 YZF-R1M and YZF-R1 Supersport Motorcycles
July 17, 2019
MARIETTA, Ga. – Last week, Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, announced the new 2020 YZF-R1M and YZF-R1 Supersport motorcycles, featuring evolutionary engine refinement, augmented electronic control features, enhanced suspension performance, advanced bodywork with outstanding aerodynamic performance, and next-generation R-Series design. As the company’s flagship R World models, the new 2020 YZF-R1M... Read More
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