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Lucas Oil Unveils Two New Products At Performance Racing Industry Trade Show

Chaparral Motorsports
December 16, 2019

Lucas Oil Products Inc., the American-based manufacturer and distributor of additives and lubricants, introduced to attendees at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) trade show its new FL-0 Low Viscosity Synthetic Racing Oil and Semi-Synthetic Type F Automatic Transmission Fluid. Like other products in the Lucas Oil lineup, these two new items went through intense development over the course of several years. The new FL-0 Low Viscosity Synthetic Racing Oil, however, was specifically developed with the help of six-time NHRA Pro Stock world champion Warren Johnson and his son Kurt. Inspired by Lucas' racing heritage, the new synthetic racing oil and automatic transmission fluid are perfect for high-performance vehicles, and the annual event in Indianapolis served as an ideal opportunity to educate those in attendance about the benefits of both products.

Lucas' FL-0 Low Viscosity Synthetic Racing Oil operates as a premium and extremely efficient racing engine oil that is ideal for Pro Stock racing or any application using low-viscosity engine oils. It is specially formulated to reduce drag yet protect vital engine components and contains an extremely high viscosity index to provide increased performance output from startup to finish. Born and bred from Lucas' in-depth experience with racing, FL-0 leverages advances the manufacturer has made in sponsoring teams using specialty formulations over many years. The low viscosity synthetic racing oil is made for more moderate operating conditions and, because of its lightweight, is perfect for drag racing or other high-revving naturally aspirated engines. FL-0 also went through various stages of testing with assistance from NHRA Pro Stock Engine Builders Kurt and Warren Johnson before it was perfected and made available to the public.

"Lucas Oil's continuous R&D programs are producing lubricants that meet our stringent requirements of maximum power with the ultimate in engine protection," said Warren Johnson. "What we rely on is Lucas' new FL-0. There are a few good oils out on the market today, but if your bar is set as high as ours, you need to go with the latest chemical technology available."

The new Semi-Synthetic Type F Automatic Transmission Fluid is the latest addition to Lucas' world-renowned roster of problem-solving additives. This Semi-Synthetic Type F Automatic Transmission Fluid is formulated using premium base oils in combination with a high-quality additive package that includes anti-wear, anti-oxidant and corrosion inhibitors. Completely different from Lucas' Marine Synthetic Type F, the new Semi-Synthetic Type F is made to hold up under heat and stress, and also resists shear thinning, giving it the exact properties racers look for in their automatic transmission fluid. These benefits also transfer over to non-racing applications and because of its oxidation resistance and reduction in lacquer and deposits, the new Semi-Synthetic Type F can extend the life of a race vehicle's transmission.

"Lucas' new low viscosity synthetic racing oil and automatic transmission fluid have gone through years of research and development before we felt they met the standards our loyal customers in the high-performance world expect," said Morgan Lucas, VP of Sales, Lucas Oil Products. "While others try to pass rebranded versions of previous products as new ones, we proudly leverage our relationships in the racing industry to help us develop new products that are unique to the industry, proven successful in race conditions and offer benefits outside of competition."

Lucas FL-0 Low Viscosity Synthetic Racing Oil is recommended for use in cars competing in Pro-Stock, Stock, Super Stock and other classes running tighter tolerance clearance. FL-0 can be used in circle track qualifying short runs and is also recommended for use in Drag racing, where drivers are looking to add additional power from a low friction and light viscosity synthetic motor oil. With Semi-Synthetic Type F being non-friction modified, it can provide a quicker more sold shift. Lucas recommends using the new Semi-Synthetic Type F Automatic Transmission Fluid in vehicles using C4 and C6 automatics as well as in some heavy-duty compressors and power steering units.

Source: Lucas Oil Products

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