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Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0 Textile Jacket Overview

Posted on June 11, 2019 by Eric Ellis.

In the motorcycling world Joe Rocket is a name that has long
been associated with quality and performance. The company offers a wide array
of motorcycle riding gear but is most notably known for its motorcycle jackets.
Of course they have the traditional leather jackets that most people love but
their textile jackets have become really popular among riders who tend to spend
long hours in the saddle. One of their most popular motorcycle jackets is the Atomic
5.0 Textile Jacket because it offers comfort, style, great protection, and
versatility for a variety of weather conditions. It also helps that Joe Rocket has
continued to improve upon previous iterations of the jacket with this latest
5.0 model being the best yet.

Outfitted with a ton of features, the Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0 Textile jacket can be worn year round thanks to its great ventilation system, waterproof shell, and zip-out thermal liner. So what makes this jacket so great, besides its four season use? Let’s break it down.

Exterior Shell

The outer chassis of the Atomic 5.0 is designed to be
extremely strong and abrasion resistant while also proving protection against
the rain. The shell is made up of highly technical Hitena and Rock Tex
materials which are super strong and intended to hold up against slides in the
unfortunate event that you go down. In addition to being very durable the shell
is also breathable and waterproof enabling you to maintain a comfortable core
temperature and stay dry in the rain.

When the temperatures climb and you need to keep cool there
are two chest vents, a vent in each bicep, and two rear exhaust vents to allow
for full airflow front to back. The chest vents feature what Joe Rocket calls
Crosslink which when zipped down you can pull out the tabs in each vent and
snap them together. This pulls the vents completely open to make sure you get
max air coming through. The zippers all feature sealed gaskets that blocks out the
rain when closed.  

Comfortable Fit

One of the best features of this jacket is the padded
neoprene found around the cuffs and collar. This makes for an extremely smooth
and comfortable feel against your skin, especially after a long day of riding.
This jacket has multiple adjustment points so that you can get a nearly
tailored fit. The inner forearms have a tab with three different snaps so that
you can tighten the sleeve as necessary. The cuffs at the wrists feature zippers
on the top and Velcro on the underside. This enables you to fine tune air flow
as well as the fit. Down at the waist there are Velcro straps on either side so
that you can tighten or loosen as desired. The nice thing about these waist
straps is that they have rubber pulls which make it easy to grip even with
gloves on.

Accordion panels on the backs of the shoulders make for a
more comfortable and natural feel when extending your arms to reach the
handlebars. On the inside of the jacket you’ll find a full, long-sleeve
insulated liner that will aid in keeping you warm during those colder winter
months. Of course the liner can easily be zipped out should the temperature
swing the other direction. You’ll also find multiple attachment points at the
bottom of the jacket so you can connect it to your riding pants.


When it comes to safety the Atomic 5.0 delivers with C.E.
approved armor in the shoulder and elbows. The jacket does come with some light
back protection in the form of spine armor however it is not C.E. approved
armor. You can pick up an optional C.E. approved spine protector to replace the
original spine armor. The chest and elbow armor can be accessed via the external
zippers which makes it extremely easy to remove when you’re going to be walking
around off the bike and don’t want to tote around the added bulk or weight of the
armor. The pocket for the back armor is on the inside of the jacket so you’ll
most likely have to unzip at least one side of the liner if it’s in place to
add or remove the armor.

To help you be seen by others on the road during low light
and night rides the jacket has multiple panels of 360 degree reflective
material as well as reflective logos.


You’ll never be short on storage with this jacket as there
are two front exterior pockets and a Napoleon pocket on the interior. All these
pockets feature secure zipper closures. The liner has a Velcro pocket on the
left side. For larger items there is a rear exterior pocket that is perfect for
maps (if you still go the paper route). This rear pocket spans the entire lower
back of the jacket and has a flap closure that is secured close by snaps at both
ends and Velcro in the center. There is a thick pad that helps keep the items
in the pocket from poking you in the back and causing discomfort.


There are a lot of options when it comes to colors and sizing. In fact when it comes to sizing, the Atomic 5.0 is offered in such a wide variety of sizes for men and women there’s bound to be a jacket to fit riders of every stature. In men’s sizing you have your standard small through XL sizes that most jackets are available in, however this jacket goes all the way up to 5XL. There’s also Tall sizing available. For the ladies the 5.0 is available in XS to XL as well as Diva 1 and Diva 2 sizes. Color-wise, with the men’s jacket you can choose from all black, blue/black, red/black, grey/black, orange/black, as well as a Hi-Viz option. Women’s color options include: all black, black/blue, black/pink, silver/white, and Hi-Viz.

After reading this if the Atomic 5.0 jacket doesn’t pique your interest Chaparral Motorsports has a plethora of other Joe Rocket motorcycle jackets in both leather and textile to choose from.  

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