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Fox Racing Lowpro Hydration Pack

Chaparral Motorsports
May 21, 2019

One of the worst things you can do when riding a dirt bike when it's really hot is to let your body get overheated.  Not taking precautions to keep your body temperature properly regulated and making sure you drink plenty of fluids can cause dizziness, cramping, nausea, or much more serious and possibly permanent health issues.

One of the easiest and best ways to beat the heat and help your body cool down as you ride is to wear vented motocross gear. As for helping regulate your body temperature from the inside and making sure you're full with essential fluids, that can easily be accomplished by riding with a hydration pack. There are a ton of options when it comes to shopping for hydration packs. However if you're going to be riding dirt bikes out in the desert, out on the trails, or offroad racing then you'll most likely want a hydration pack that is compact, lightweight, won't get in the way when riding, and offers some storage. The Lowpro Hydration Pack from Fox Racing fits these criteria perfectly.

Measuring in at 11-1/2" long by 10" at the widest portion (top) the main compartment of the Lowpro Hydration Pack is extremely small but still offers plenty of onboard storage for water and a few small items. As the name implies the this hydration pack has a really slim design which aids in making it feel nice and streamlined when on your back even when the 1.5 liter bladder is completely full. The bag and bladder weigh hardly anything when both are empty; their total weight is only .6 pounds. With the bladder filled and secured in the backpack the total weight is only 3.91 pounds.

The main body of the backpack is split into two pockets on the backside. The top pocket has a diagonal zipper running from end to end and has enough room to store a wallet and most smart phones. Up in the right hand corner there is a rubber grommet with a small hole so that you can route your ear phone cable through and keep your phone securely zipped in the pouch. The lower pocket is a tad bit smaller and would be good for your keys and maybe a multi tool. There's a piece of fabric sewn to create three loops on the outside of the pocket which could be used to clip or secure small items to.

On the front side of the main body is mesh backed by some light padding. This combination allows for plenty of ventilation to keep your back cool while also providing a comfortable fit. The shoulder straps are extremely lightweight and are made of a mesh material. A center chest strap helps keep the backpack tight and secured to your body while the covered passages at the top of the straps allow you to route the drinking hose over your left or right shoulder. Small loops on the left and right straps keep the end of the hose from swinging around when not in use, but yet still easy to access.   

For ease of you when riding the end of the hose has a high flow 45 degree angle bite surge valve with a twist shut off. This feature makes it easy to quickly take a drink without having to use both hands and prevents water from dripping out when not being used. As for the bladder, it has a large opening at the top that makes it quick to fill and easy to clean. Once filled with water you simply press the tops together, fold the top over on itself one time, and then slide the attached clip on and it seals the bag shut without any leakage. The bladder is made by HydraPak is BPA and PVC free and is dish washer friendly. Inside the top of backpack when the hydration pack goes there is a Velcro strap that you can loop through the top of the bladder seal to keep the bag from falling down when inside that backpack.

If you are looking for a hydration pack that has a simple design, features the bare essentials, and won't get in the way or feel too heavy when riding your dirt bike then look no further than the Fox Racing Lowpro Hydration Pack. This is a great solution to keeping your thirst satisfied and fluid levels topped off on those hot summer rides.                  

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