Vented Motocross Gear

Posted on May 17, 2019 by Eric Ellis.

As summer fast approaches it’s time to start thinking about
your motocross gear and whether or not it will keep you to riding in extremely
hot weather without overheating. Granted dirt bike gear is already pretty
lightweight and breathable but if there were jerseys, mx pants, goggles,
gloves, helmets and even dirt bike boots that allowed for extreme ventilation
wouldn’t you want to know about them? That’s exactly what this article is all
about, opening your eyes to some of our favorite vented motocross gear options
that are currently available. Let’s go head to toe.

Vented Motocross Helmets

LS2 Subverter

You’ll be hard pressed to find a dirt bike helmet that has more venting or flows more air to your head than LS2’s Subverter helmet. The helmet is covered front and rear with a ton of large honeycomb style intake and exhaust ports. Up front you’ll find two big chin/mouth vents with an exterior guard directing airflow inward. Just above the chin vents are two slotted vents incorporated into the rubber gasket to allow air to hit the upper lip area. Above the forehead are two triangular shaped vents to cool the forehead. On top of the Subverter helmet you’ll find eight vents that run the length of the oval shaped Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA) exterior shell. At the rear of the helmet there are seven exhaust ports. If you’ve been keeping track, that’s a total of 21 total intake and exhaust vents.

In addition to all the venting,
LS2 designed the Subverter’s interior with channeled ports to help direct fresh
air across the face and head and then allow the heat that’s generated from the
head to be directed out of the exhaust ports for a total cooling effect. The
breathable liner also aids in keeping temperatures down during hot days.

Fox V3

Fox recently dropped its brand new V3 helmet that’s received a complete makeover with a ton of new safety and performance features. Most notably the helmet is outfitted with a new impact and rotational defense system called Fluid Inside (FI). Deigned to work like the fluid that protects your brain the FI pods incorporated into the V3 help keep to protect you against high and low speed impacts. While the new V3 is loaded with cool features, what we are most concerned about in this article is ventilation and the V3 was definitely designed to keep your head cool.

The Multi Composite Technology
(MCT) shell boasts a total of 15 vents and exhaust ports that allow for total
air flow front to rear. Like a fan blasting wind in your face, the front of the
V3 has 12 vents spread across the chin, jawline, and forehead. On the back of
the helmet there are three vents that let the hot air escape as it’s pushed
across the head from the front.

Vented Dirt Bike Jersey/ Vented Dirt Bike Pants

Answer Racing Syncron Air

When it comes to a vented dirt bike jersey or mx pants the Syncron Air gear from Answer Racing should be at the top of your list. It’s called Air for a reason and that reason is it flows a massive amount of air. The Syncron Air jersey is comprised of completely perforated material. This all mesh design makes for an extremely lightweight motocross jersey that also features moisture wicking fabrics. The perforated holes are about the size of the tip of a ball point pen so while you get ultimate air flow the jersey is a bit see through as well. Even the collar and cuffs are made from perforated fabric, however, to keep the sleeves from bunching up there’s elastic sewn in for a snug fit.

While the matching Syncron Air pants do have a ton of venting they aren’t completely made of mesh like the jersey. This is a good thing because it means the non-perforated sections are made from highly durable material for extra protection and strength in key areas. Basically the mid-thigh all the way up to the waist on the front of the pants has mesh, which is great because it keeps your essential bits from overheating. The back of the lower legs and the upper butt section feature stretch material for added comfort and easy movement.

Troy Lee Designs Youth GP Air

Even the little rippers can get in on the vented MX gear action with the GP Air offerings from Troy Lee Designs. Just like the Answer Racing Syncron Air jersey the youth GP Air jersey from TLD is completely made of mesh fabric. The matching GP Air pants have perforated paneling across the front of the upper thigh. What’s different with theses mx pants than the Answer pants is that the GP Air pants have mesh down along the shin for extra cooling and leather panels across the inner calves to protect against engine/exhaust heat. You’ll be happy to know Troy Lee offers this gear set in adult sizes in a variety of colorways as well.

Fly Racing Kinetic Mesh Era Vented

Just like those above it the Kinetic Mesh Era Vented jersey and pants are all about high air flow. The jersey is an all mesh design with a comfort stretch collar constructed from thermoplastic rubber, and Lycra and stretch rib materials for increased function and fit. As you can see from the opening picture this jersey is completely perforated and extremely breathable. The Kinetic Mesh Era Vented pants feature Lightweight mesh in critical areas to help your body stay cool and fresh. There’s also a comfortable mesh liner that makes the pants easy to slip into and allows full air flow. The full floating seat is surrounded by stretch rib material, so that the pants will move with you.

Vented Dirt Bike Gloves

You can find plenty of MX gloves that are made from super thin material that allows for good air flow across the top of the hands—like the SE Gloves from TLD. However these gloves go the extra mile to keep you cool with a fully perforated undersection. You palms and finger tips are what will generate the most heat and get the sweatiest, so to combat that TLD made these gloves with maximum ventilation in those critical areas. The entire palm is made from a single layer of perforated Clarino synthetic leather which helps provide a comfortable and solid grip on the hand grips.

Vented Dirt Bike Boots

When it comes to keeping your feet cool with built in air conditioning your options are kind of limited. Alpinestars offered their Tech 8 RS Vented boots that had perforated sections up the front and on the back along the Achilles, but those have been discontinued so they’re hard to find.  However, if you’re lucky you just might be able to find your size.

One of the best options to try and keep your feet cool is Sidi Crossfire 3 TA boots. These mx boots have cutout sections in the main frame that are backed by micro wire mesh that allows for venting. You’ll find a diamond shape portion at the top of the the boot along the outside of the calf and in a few smaller spots along the back as well. It’s not a ton of ventilation but as they say, something is better than nothing.

Hopefully this article shed some
light on what’s available when it comes to vented dirt bike gear and will help
you choose the right gear to beat the heat on your next summer ride.  

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