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Get To Know A ChapMoto Employee: Cheyenne Ireland

Chaparral Motorsports
March 1, 2019

If you've visited our store recently and noticed a bright sparkle emanating from the center of the building, it was probably Cheyenne Ireland flashing her cheerful smile while helping a customer find the perfect motocross jersey. Cheyenne has been working at Chaparral for a little more than four months as one of our Offroad Apparel sales associates. Although she's still relatively new to Chaparral, it's her years of experience riding dirt bikes and quads that makes Cheyenne a perfect fit within the company, as she can tackle just about any questions or concerns thrown her way when it comes to offroad gear.

At the age of five, when most kids were still relying on training wheels to keep them off the dirt, Cheyenne was leaving trails of dust as she twisted the throttle to whatever mini dirt bike or quad she could throw a leg over. These days Cheyenne enjoys ripping her 2007 YZ 250F any chance she can. She mostly enjoys riding backcountry trails and single track in areas like Holcomb Valley above Big Bear or Kennedy Meadows in Tulare County. You can also find her weaving her way through scrub brush and across the flats of the high desert in Lucerne Valley. She often makes trips up north to Utah to see here parents where they ride down along the river and to go fishing and then jump in the side-by-side to look for deer.

Like most motorsports enthusiasts, Cheyenne has a lot of great memories and stories from her offroad adventures but the one that she flashes back to in her mind the most and the one her dad enjoys telling, is the time she got to pet a deer. Cheyenne and her dad were out exploring near Silverwood Lake and when they stopped to rest for a minute they noticed a deer nearby. As they sat there admiring the deer, it gradually walked up to Cheyenne and she put out her hand and the deer let her pet it. Her dad was shocked, not just because she was petting the deer, but because they must have looked so strange to the animal all decked out in their dirt bike gear.

Cheyenne says she loves her YZ and has given it some TLC and updated the look with new plastics and graphic kits over the years. While her heart and roots are in dirt bikes, she says she'd love to get a Harley, specifically an Iron 883, cruise out to the giant red rocks of Moab and join up with some other female riders to enjoy the sights, sounds, and comradery of the Motos in Moab event.

We're hoping she gets to fulfill that dream sometime soon and maybe even make friends with some other wild animals.

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