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Quadboss QBT671 ATV Quad And UTV Tires In The Chap Moto 25 Inch Tire Shootout

Chaparral Motorsports
May 3, 2018

Not everyone is looking for the same thing when it comes to shopping for ATV or UTV tires. Some people may want the best overall tires that can do it all. Other people may want a tire that is really good at specific tasks. For example one person may want tires that can charge through extreme mud while someone else may need tires that can bite hard and stop fast. At Chaparral Motorsports we have hundreds of SXS and ATV tires from different manufacturers as well in a variety of models and sizes. The reason why we have so many tires is to meet the needs and demands of all our customers.

To help make shopping for ATV or side-by-side tires easier for our customers we put together a 25" ATV/UTV Tires Shootout. The Shootout consisted of 21 of our most popular tires. We came up with five different challenges to demonstrate how each tire performs in certain terrain and performing specific tasks. The results from this shootout will help you make an informed decision on your next tire purchase.

While we've covered The Best Tires for Specific Tasks, Top 8 Best Overall Performing Tires, as well as given an explainer on the 5 different challenges, in this article we are going to show you how one specific tire did in each test.

Obviously they all can't be winners but of the 21 tires and five different challenges, each tire did have its moment of shine. And this can be really important when tire shopping, because as stated not everyone wants or needs the best overall tire, some people just want the tire that's best for them.

So without further ado, here is the breakdown on the Quadboss QBT671

Finishing pretty much right in the middle of all the tires, the QBT 671 is a good all around tire that shines in a few spots. First of all the deep and widely spaced lugs enabled it to cut through the loamy dirt in the hill climb and race its way to 2nd place in the event. Then the lug design allowed for easy self cleaning and flung mud off the tread to provide a fresh bit with each turn of the tire in the mud challenge. Quick braking isn't this tire's strong point but it makes up for that by being a solid work horse ready for the tough stuff.

Sled pull
Distance traveled: 38 feet
Total elapsed time: 9.25 seconds
Calculated weight of sled: 805 pounds
Overall result in test: 12th

Hill climb
Distance traveled in feet: 245+ feet
Total time: 13.61 seconds
overall results in test: 2nd

Downhill braking
Time to stop: 3.19 seconds
Overall results in test: 18th

Full speed braking
Time to stop: 4.9 seconds
overall results in test:  17th

Mud traction test
Distance traveled: Full run
Total time: 14.7 seconds
Overall results in test: 6th

Overall results out of 21: 11th

Here's the video of the Quadboss QBT671 competing in each test:

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