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Motorist Versus Motorcycle Road Rage Incident In Florida

Chaparral Motorsports
April 10, 2018

It's happened again. An altercation between a motorcyclist and car driver has resulted in the car operator using the vehicle as a battering ram to swerve into the rider. The incident occurred in Florida and is reminiscent of the incredible road rage case we saw last year on the 14 freeway in Santa Clarita, California.

Similar to last year's car vs motorcycle road rage incident where the start of the video only shows the rider angrily gesturing and then kicking the car, we don't see what led up to this confrontation that led the rider to hit the passenger side window.

This rider wasn't as lucky as the California rider who was able to slip away. In this incident the swerving car made contact with the bike and pushed it all the way across the lane where the motorcycle hit the curb, crashed, briefly pinned the rider between the car as he/she narrowly misses a light pole, and then the rider is drug a few feet before the car drives away.

According to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office a driver behind the rider and car caught the series of events on video and posted it to social media. The Sheriff's office have posted it to their YouTube channel and listed it as an aggravated battery investigation as they search for the vehicle, a grey Mazda 3, and the driver.

As a side note, just this past February the California Highway Patrol announced an arrest in the Southern California case and charged the rider, Andrew Flanigan, on three felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon, reckless driving, and hit-and-run.

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