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Product Spotlight: Enduro Engineering Task Racing Helmet Light Kit

Chaparral Motorsports
March 26, 2018

Riding your dirt bike on trails at night can be a blast, it can add a whole new element of excitement to terrain you're extremely familiar with. Whether you're competing in a 24 hour endurance race or just out and about with your riding buddies, the [mageProductLink sku="056-30-600"]Enduro Engineering Task Racing Helmet Light Kit[/mageProductLink] can come in very handy for a variety of situations. It can work in conjunction with your headlight to provide additional lighting for the path ahead of you, it could provide necessary light to help you make emergency trailside repairs, or be a beacon of hope for riders who have strayed too far behind you.

The Enduro Engineering Task Racing Helmet Light Kit (MSRP: $169.95) comes with everything you need to install onto your helmet and ride into the night. Included in the package is a 4-LED light that provides 4800 lumens, a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack with carrying case, battery charger, two quick-release helmet mounts, 24" power cord extension, and power cord helmet clips. The light is enclosed in a highly durable and compact billet aluminum housing that measures a little more than 2" long and just under 2" tall. On a full charge the battery delivers 4 hours of light and takes about 7-9 hours to fully charge for first use.
Twm-1217-spot1-01Providing a mix of spot and flood lighting the light doesn't add too much bulk to your helmet-the light, helmet mount, extension cord, and six power cord management clips only weigh a 1/2 pound. The lithium ion battery is 4"L x 3"W x 1/2" tall and weigh in at .6 pounds, so all together you're looking at 1-1/2 pounds. However, the nice thing is that the battery comes with a pouch with a belt loop on it so you can attach it to your pants and won't feel the entire weight of the kit on your head. If you keep the battery pack in a backpack or chest protector you probably wouldn't need to use the included extension cord, the cord clips will come in extremely handy though and prevent you from getting hung up on tree branches.

There are two mounts (one flat, one curved) that feature a snap-locking system to securely hold the light in place but also allow the light to pop off the helmet in the event of an accident or you hit something with the light. While the most popular mounting location is on the top center of the helmet you can also place the light on the side of the motorcycle helmet or even upside down on the underside of the visor. Both mount have a curved cradle system that lets the light slide so you can adjust the angle up or down and then you tighten it down with the thumb screws. With the snap lock system you can rotate the angle of the light 360 degrees to set the light facing forwards, backward, or anywhere in between.

428ecff039568989ec637bd93fa33c30With four modes to choose from: high, medium, strobe, on/off you can set the light to suit your needs. Additionally, you can stay in tune with the battery as the on/off button on the backside of the light housing will illuminate green when the battery has more than 65 percent juice and will glow red when it dips below 35 percent.

Most people will assume they can see perfectly fine with just their stock dual sport headlight but when they add a helmet light they realize they can see places and things that they couldn't or struggled with before. With a helmet light you can see what/who is behind you without having to turn the bike around, see beyond the scope of your turning radius, and walk away from your bike off trail if needed. In fact, many people who race at night even double up on the Enduro Engineering Task Racing Helmet Light Kit and go full Mickey Mouse ears on top of their helmet to really brighten up their path.


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