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Head To Head: Sub 50cc Scooters-Fun Little Errand Runners And City Commuters

Chaparral Motorsports
March 22, 2018

2016_KYMCO_Agility_502018 KYMCO Agility 50

MSRP: $1,599

Engine: 49cc, SOHC 4-stroke

Bore x Stroke: 39mm x41.1mm

Transmission: CVT Automatic

Fuel delivery: Carburetor

Power: 1.9bhp @7,400 rpm/ 3. Ft-lbs @7,000 rpm (according to Kymco)

Weight: 203.9 lbs (dry weight)

Seat height: 31"

Fuel Capacity: 1.3 gal

Fuel Economy: 102mpg

While it might not exude the retro vibe of the Yamaha Vino or the bare bones ruggedness of the Honda Ruckus, it's hard to pass up the value of the Kymco Agility 50. Rolling in at $1,100 less than the Ruckus and $700 less than the Vino, the Agility 50 is a great buy for someone who just looking to get by with a pair of motorized wheels. Sure you may never hit Back to the Future warp speeds of 88mph on the mighty 50, but you'll have plenty of go to easily maintain city traffic speeds and leave pedal pushers in the dust. Text books, a couple boxes of cereal, a change of clothes, or even a helmet can be hidden out of sight in the storage compartment. And when the time comes to haul more than groceries, the passenger pillion is there to provide a comfortable seat or can be used as a rider backrest when going solo.

2017_Ruckus_2000x1275_Black_42515B2017 Honda Ruckus

MSRP: $2,699

Engine: 49cc, single cylinder 4-stroke

Bore x Stroke: 37.8mm x 44mm

Transmission: Automatic V-Matic belt drive

Fuel delivery: 18 mm CV carburetor with automatic choke

Power: 4.3 hp/3.3lb-ft tq (according to

Weight: 194 pounds (wet weight)

Seat height: 28.9"

Fuel Capacity: 1.3gal

Fuel Economy: 114mpg

The Ruckus bares it all with practically no body work. With its exposed bones and rugged, industrial look the Ruckus has quickly become a hit in the custom scene. Ride it as is and enjoy the hell out of it, or turn to the aftermarket for a wide array of parts and accessories such as stretched frames, LED lights, and wide wheel kits to make it yours. The minimalist styling of the Ruck makes it easy to work on but leaves on-board storage space rather lacking compared to the Vino and Agility 50. With Honda's track record of building reliable and durable automobiles and motorcycles your worries about repetitive repairs or roadside fixes will be few and far between.

img2018 Yamaha Vino Classic

MSRP: $2,299

Engine: 49cc, 3 valves, SOHC, single cylinder, 4-stroke,

Bore x Stroke: 38.0mm x43.6mm

Transmission: Automatic CVT

Fuel delivery: Fuel injection

Power: N/A

Weight: 179lbs (wet weight)

Seat height: 28.1"

Fuel Capacity: 1.2 gal

Fuel Economy: 127mpg

Dripping with style, the Vino is Yamaha's nod to the classic Italian scooters favored by British mods of the '60s. Borrowing styling elements from the iconic Vespas and Labrettas, the Vino's smooth sweeping lines make it a real looker that easily catches the attention of admirers wherever it goes. As the lightest of the bunch the Vino is a piece of cake to whip around making it ideal for tight alleyways and narrow bustling streets. Boasting nearly 130 combined city/highway miles per gallon, you could run an month worth of errands on a single tank of gas. Precious valuables and a couple groceries can be safely stored in the lockable under-seat compartment to help give you peace of mind when away from the scooter.


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