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Motorcycle Tire Mounting

Posted on September 26, 2017 by Motorcycle Maniac.

Tire Install Tech Tips YT TNOne thing many non-motorcycle people will never understand is how riders can get excited about installing new new rubber on their motorcycles. New motorcycle tires look good, feel good and help you ride at the top of your game by providing better grip, faster stopping (shorter distance), and excellent traction in wet conditions via maximum water evacuation.

Whether you decide to remove and install the tires yourself or take your wheels/motorcycle to a shop to have someone else do it there are some things you should double check such as: Do you have the correct tire size? Is the bead of the new tire in good condition? Do the tires need to be orientated a certain way on your wheels?

Once you have this information you can then proceed with the removal and installation process or make sure that important things like the correct tire rotation on your rim is relayed to the person performaning the install.

In this video Kyle walks you through the process of removing and installing motorcycle tires with the help of the professionals in the Chaparral Motorsports Tire Department. Kyle also gives you some pointers on how to perform the steps yourself and highlights a few important details to keep in mind when performing a DIY tire change in your own garage.


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