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Product Spotlight: Leatt Knee Brace Pants

Chaparral Motorsports
July 24, 2017

Whether it's protecting an injury or trying to prevent one, more and more dirt bike riders are donning knee braces to help keep their lower legs in proper form. With plenty of knee brace options on the market, there are several problems that many riders experience when using knee braces, no matter what brand or type they use and those issues include: slippage, chaffing, and the braces getting caught on or wearing through their moto pants. Known industry wide for its great protective equipment, Leatt designed its new Knee Brace Pants to solve pretty much all of these problems.

While Leatt calls them their[mageProductLink sku="3007-5017010140" title=""] Knee Brace Pants[/mageProductLink] (MSRP: $59.99), when in use they are actually shorts, so you still have to wear a pair of moto socks with them. When you slip the pants on you'll notice that they feature a long pant leg design with large pieces of synthetic leather down towards the insides of the shins/calves, this is to act as a layer of protective Twm-0317-spot3-02- Croppedmaterial to keep your knee braces from easily rubbing through the pants. Large sublimated Leatt symbols are found at the knees so you know exactly where to pull the pants to as you slip them on. Also there are Velcro patches at the thighs and bottoms of the pants.

Once you secure your knee braces into place, you then grab the bottom of the pant legs and fold them up and over the knee braces, essentially creating pockets on each leg for the knee braces to set in. The large Velcro pieces allow you to tailor fit the pocket so the knee braces will sit exactly where you want them to and prevent them from slipping down. At the waist is a nice wide waist band with a silicone strip on the inside that not only offers a comfortable feel but the silicone helps keeps the waist from slipping down.

The pants act as a base layer and are made from AntiOder MoistureCool and AirMesh wicking materials to keep you cool and dry. Along with being very breathable and sucking up moisture, the technical fabrics in the Knee Twm-0317-spot3-04-CROPPEDBrace Pants prevent chaffing and skin irritation by acting as a barrier between your skin and the knee braces. One of the other major benefits about the knee brace pants is that it allows you to easily slip in and out of your riding pants without the braces getting caught, snagged, or hung up on various parts of the brace-your pants slide on like corn on the cobb through warm butter. The pants also prevent the riding pants from getting caught in the hinges or other articulating parts of the knee braces as you ride and bend your knees.

The knee brace pants run extra-long to provide enough material to fold up over your knee braces. There are patches of Velcro at the bottoms and above the thigh to help create a snug pocket for your knee braces to set in. Sublimated markings at the knees help you determine how far up to slide the pants when pulling them on. There is synthetic leather material in the inside of the lower leg help protect against your knee braces rubbing or causing premature wear. Who knew a pair of pants...err...shorts?... could solve so many problems?


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