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Sneaky Snake Snaps At Cyclist

Chaparral Motorsports
April 20, 2017

Motorcycle riders have a lot of things to worry about when cruising down the road such as unobservant motorists, rocks or debris in their path, and deer unexpectedly crossing in front of them. Well, it appears they need to add one more thing to the list, jumping snakes trying to attack their lower extremities. At least that's what happened to one unfortunate motorcyclist in Thailand.

A video of the incident popped up on YouTube this past week and has already garnered more than 4 million views. In the video the rider is just minding his own business enjoying a sunny day on his cruiser and then suddenly, BAM! The snake lunges up off the roadway towards the rider's right leg with what I can only assume are 10-inch long fangs sharper than a thousand surgical scalpels and dripping with some kind of undiscovered poisonous venom that would mummify your exterior while your insides slowly deteriorate into a putrid goo and seeps out of every orifice (think I have a phobia of snakes?). Thankfully the rider was paying attention and must have noticed the snake, as you can see he drifts towards the left to avoid the snake, and then he quickly lifts his feet when the snake attempts to murder him. Either this guy is Fonize or this is an everyday occurrence because I don't think I could have continued on as cool and collected as this rider.

As if motorcycle riders needed another reason to always wear motorcycle boots when they ride, now they have to worry about motorcycle-jacking snakes as well? It might be time to just ride around in a protective bubble.

Enjoy, if you can!

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