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Motorcycle Rider Launches Himself Into Bed Of Pickup

Chaparral Motorsports
February 10, 2017
truck bed

Loading a motorcycle into the bed of a truck, or in this case as they're referred to in Australia, a ute, can sometimes be pretty tricky for one person to handle-even if you have a loading ramp. This motorcycle rider was captured on Dashcam Owners Australia demonstrating a unique way to not only load his bike into the bed of a truck without a ramp but also how to do so while both he and the truck are traveling down the road. It's kind of like that old video game, Spy Hunter, where you'd have to drive your vehicle into the back of the moving trailer in order to get it outfitted with cool gadgets-except this guy is nowhere near as graceful.

Thankfully the rider was wearing a helmet and ended up without any serious injuries, we're not too sure how well his street bike held up, probably mostly cosmetic damage. This rider isn't nearly as good as the guy who Spiderman-ed himself onto the roof of a car though.

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