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Rain, Rain Go Away: How To Get Clear Vision When Riding In Wet Weather

Chaparral Motorsports
March 29, 2016
Last Updated: July 3, 2020

Have you ever noticed how automotive technology continually trickles over to motorcycling? Just a few examples would be EFI, ABS brakes, and traction control. Well, now we can add yet another piece of tech to the bunch as UK firm, Rainpal, wants to fit your motorcycle helmet with a windshield wiper. Currently at 17% of its goal on FundRazr the RainPal Helmet windshield is designed to provide you with clear view on drizzly or rainy rides with its electric wiper arm.

Move it Around

It's actually a slick little contraption that's designed to fit pretty much any motorcycle visor. Measuring in a about 1/2" wide and 1/2" tall and extremely lightweight, the Rainpal is flexible so that it will fit the curvature of any helmet/visor combination.

Over the Top

The unit mounts to the top of your visor with super strong adhesive strip backed mounting plates. Once you have the Rainpal fitted to your helmet it can then easily be detached and reattached from the mounting plates as needed (the mounts stay in place on your helmet). Within the packaging is strips/mounts for two visors or helmets so that you can swap the Rainpal back and forth as desired.

Rain Delay

The Rainpal is powered by an electric motor that offers variable speeds as well as delay modes. Similar to the windshield wiper system on your automobile, the Rainpal has a built in sprayer to help keep your windshield clean and clear of debris. Two removable, USB chargeable batteries are included in the packaging allowing you to get up to 90 minutes of use (depending on setting) out of one battery while the other battery is charging on your bike or at home. Also included is an adjustable wireless remote that secures to your motorcycle handlebars to provide easy operation without having to take your eyes of the road. Aside from clearing your vision of rain, RainPal claims it will help reducing fogging as well.

Winning Wiper

This is one of the products that makes you say, "Hey why didn't I think of that?" And if you're saying, "I already thought of that." You probably didn't think it through was well as these guys did. Have you seen some of the other motorcycle windshield wiper ideas?But Is It Necessary?

Does your motorcycle need a windshield wiper? Of course not. If fact, the more I think about having a tiny little wiper blade swishing back and forth mere inches from my eyes makes me wonder if I'll end up looking like I've been wearing a pair of Navin R. Johnson's Opti-Grab Glasses.

Motorcycle riders have done without windshield wipers for over 100 years. For the purists and technophobes that like their motorcycles with carbs and drum brakes, there's the old school method of simply wiping your rain-soaked, gloved hand across your shield and smearing the rain back and forth. Or you could pick up a pair of motorcycle gloves with a built in squeegee like the one found on Firstgear's TPG Axiom Textile Gloves. Designed for cold weather riding, these waterproof gloves have a squeegee built into the left thumb so you can swipe away the rain without having to let off the throttle.

Spray Away

Another wet weather riding solution to clear up your vision is to hit up your motorcycle faceshield with a couple sprays of Nikwax's Visor Proof. A specially formulated rain repellent, Visor Proof is safe for use on any shields or goggles. Once applied the repellent causes water to quickly bead up and blow off to provide a clear view ahead.

Right and Wrong

Whatever you decide to do to help maintain clear vision when riding in the rain, just remember, there's a right way and a wrong way.

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