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Product Spotlight: ProTaper Micro Handlebars

Chaparral Motorsports
October 30, 2015

[caption id="attachment_56174" align="alignright" width="300"]Twm-1015-spot3-02 Whether purchased as a complete kit or individually, riders have the choice of five different bar styles: Schoolboy Low, Schoolboy Pro, Schoolboy High, Honda Mini, and KTM Mini.[/caption]

Nearly a quarter century after ProTaper set the dirt bike industry on fire with its 1-1/8" taperwall handlebars the company is stoking the fire with its latest product. Hitting the other side of the spectrum from its oversize handlebars, this time ProTaper is all about going smaller and targeting peewee riders with its Micro Bars.

The Micro Bar is one of those products that makes you say "why didn't I think of that?" because it totally makes sense. What doesn't make sense is expecting a person with hands the fraction of the size of an average adult try to comfortably grip a set of handlebars designed for adults? So ProTaper set out to solve that problem with the Micro Bar, which features ends with a smaller outer diameter (OD) than a standard 7/8" bar. The ends are 17mm in OD compared to standard bars which have 22mm OD ends. Sure it might not sound like much of a difference to the average adult rider, but the 5mm reduction can make a world of difference for kids. A smaller grip area can inspire confidence in a young rider by providing better control, easier manipulation of the lever(s), and help reduce fatigue.

[schema type="chaparralproduct" name="Pro Taper Micro Handlebar Kit" image="302-5038" imagesize="330" price="134.99" alignment="right" url="" ]Made of the same high-quality, proprietary 2000 series T6 aluminum that ProTaper's other bars are made out of, the only difference with the Micro Bar is the smaller grip ends. The rest of the bar measures in at the traditional 7/8" diameter so they'll fit with stock bar clamps, controls, kill switches etc. For added strength, durability, and to reduce flex the bars come with a cold forged aluminum cross bar with a foam pad for impact protection.

For ease of use and versatility, the Micro Bars will bolt onto pretty much any 85cc and under 2-stroke dirt bike and are available in five different widths/bends to fit a variety of preferences and riding styles. As mentioned above the Micro Bars will fit with stock bar mounts and controls, however, traditional 7/8s grips and throttle tubes will not work. Therefore, to make installation easy, ProTaper offers complete Micro Bar kits that come with a set of Micro Bars, ProTaper 1/3 Waffle Grips, a Micro throttle tube, and seven throttle cams to fit a variety of motorcycles. ProTaper also offers all the components individually.

[schema type="chaparralproduct" url="" name=" Pro Taper Micro Throttle Tube Kit" image="302-5044" imagesize="125" price="62.99" alignment="right" ]The new [mageProductLink sku="302-5045" title=""]Micro Grips[/mageProductLink] ($9.99) are made from ProTaper's specially formulated soft synthetic rubber compound to give young riders the best combination of impact absorption and hand preservation. They are currently only available in one color, light grey, and have a 1/3 waffle pattern to provide great gripping areas for small hands. The grips also have an over-sized grip tip designed to take the abuse of multiple crashes without tearing and helps keep small hands from slipping off the ends. The Micro Throttle Tube ($69.99) features a two-piece design, is made of T6 aluminum, and has a knurled and anodized finish. The throttle tube also comes with seven different throttle cams.

Who knows, with a quick 15 minute bar swap you just might have the next Jeremy McGrath on your hands.


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